It was November 12, 2000, my family and I had just returned home from voting when my primary doctor called, “I received your MRI results…you have MS.”  I know I wouldn’t have voted for that.  You know the emotions that completely take over and you become consumed with so many questions.  What is MS exactly? I heard of it.   What does this mean for me and my family?  What do I need to do?  What?  What?  What?

I visited a MS Neurologist who educated me on my options to treat this disease and I decided to start Avonex.  Sadly, I continued to have many relapses for nine months. Repeat MRI, now revealed 36 lesions including the spine.  This was the most devastating period of time of me.  I was experiencing the Many Surprises (as my husband calls it) of MS.

I was then started on a brand new DMD to the states, Rebif.  For me, Rebif has been such a blessing.  All MRIs, including the spine, revealed no new lesions.  A medication my body was responding to.  Slowing the process of my MS.   Priceless!

It’s been nearly 13 years since being diagnosed.   Many challenges and detours along the way, as well as many accomplishments.  I’m always amazing at what a simple smile, light heart and the ability to laugh can do for lifting your spirit.

This blog is all about educating, inspiring, providing a sense of hope while being assured we’re in this together and managing what is dealt our way.  Common goal:  to be the very best we can be while waiting for that cure!  It’s coming.  That Pipeline is jammed packed!

Let the next chapter begin ~


 Count Your Blessing”

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