Smoothies…Am I really doing this?

Last week, while celebrating our birthdays (my son Cory and I share the same bday – best gift ever), both he and his girlfriend gave me a NutriBullet – something I’ve been saving for.  It was time to stop the talk and time “to get the MOST out of life…you need to get the MOST out of your food!”  Right from the makers of NutriBullet.Smoothie

Lunch today:  Dandelion greens, strawberries, blueberries and a hit of banana…yummo!

While there is no scientific specific MS Diet, there are indeed many claims.  Mine has always been, if it taste good, you probably shouldn’t eat it!  If you know me, without a doubt, you’ll find me enjoying chocolate or a yummy carb.  It’s a reality for me.  BUT,  it has to be in moderation.  Otherwise, I’d be in the closet eating my chocolate!  Oh boy!!!

Just like with MS, many adjustments and modifications are made.  Diet is not different.  And just like finding a DMD your body will respond to, protect you, you need to find a diet that will be a good fit for you.  You’re bound to find a mixture of fruits and veggies that will taste good and help you to feel healthy and strong.  Go on, give it a try!  Find what works best for you.  What do you think?  What “tip of the day” do you do that works?  Can’t wait to hear!


“Count Your Blessings”


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