BalanceWear Weighted Vest Fitting Continues…

Phase two:  Additional Balance Evaluation

I arrived just in time for my appointment.  As I proceeding down the hall, I heard a voice from behind me say, “I’ll race you!”  I turned and there was Grampy, complete with his brace and cane too.  I paused and replied, “let the competitive spirits begin!”  We both laughed and had a nice conversation to the gym.  There always seems to be someone, when you least expect it, to make you smile and laugh.  Grampy accomplished just that today!

My PT, Jen, put the BalanceWear trial onCone Flowers me.  We continued balance testing.  While standing, feet together, Jen gave the good ole push from the left to right, right to left, front to back and back to front.  With this data, combined with last weeks without the vest, Jen strategically placed weights (a total of 4 @ 1/4 lb. each) throughout the  BalanceWear.

We then proceeded down the hall for gait testing.  I must say, I felt extremely confident and didn’t have to think much about my walking technique.  By that I mean, I always focus and make sure I have my ab pulled completely in, tighten glutes, bend knee, lift leg, heel-toe, push-off, do it again…ugh…I’m exhausted just writing that!  lol  As with anything else, the more I wear it, the more my body will learn to respond to it.  Now that’s what I’m talking about!

Jen was pleased with my numbers today.  With no BalanceWear, my balance was rated 12.  With BalanceWear, my balance was rated 17. Perfect score is 24.  I return next Friday for my final eval and Jen will order my very own BalanceWear.  I am very happy.  Simple pleasures of life!  Stay tuned ~

Make it a great weekend and take good care ~


 “Count Your Blessings”


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