The Blessings of Friendship…

The past few days have been just wonderful.  My husband was away for business and I was able to catch up with two BFFs, Brenda and Jill.  Life tends to be a little busy for all of us, so this opportunity was one filled with anticipating and excitement.  I felt like a kid in the candy store!

Good friends are hard to come by.  Along with my husband and family, Bren and Jill have been my biggest advocates, my strongest supporters, and always are there for me be it good, bad or indifferent.  They don’t pity me, feel sorry for me, but rather encourage and inspire me every step of the way.  They don’t hesitate to tell me, “It’s time for that nap” or asking me, “How’s that invisible cane working out for you?”  That’s the humor survivor in us…friends!   They have your best interest at heart.

DSCN3343Brenda, my BFF since the 7th grade, and I spent the day in Lancaster, PA.  We drove by many of the places we took our boys  when they were younger, stopped at road stands for produce and visited our favorite creamery for ice cream…yummy!  This would be where moderation comes in for the diet!  lol

Jill, my friend for many years, arrived at my home with her juicer and goods ready to go.  We were having a  sleepover!   She made amazing juice for the two of us consisting of ginger, cucumber, chard, apples, lemon, carrots, celery and pineapple.  Delicious!  Could never process all this in one smoothie!   Now I understood the difference between the two.  We   talked for hours until early morning and called it a day.  Next morning, we had breakfast at our favorite place, The Sunflower, and Jill was off to work.  Bittersweet for me! DSCN3340

I value their friendships immensely.  I thank God for them each and every day.  They bring such joy and peace to my life.  Instant reminder of how blessed I truly am.  God isn’t done with me yet!

What brings you joy and peace?  What/Who is your blessing?

Make it a great day!

“Count Your Blessings”


  1. Q

    Awww, Brenda sure is a gem! So glad you had a good time with your friends. I don’t know Jill but sounded like a great time was had! I know my friends are more then special to me! More blessings to you Cath! Hope to see you soon! Q

    • Thank you! You would love Jill! We need to schedule a time for us all to get together! Can’t wait to see your next beautiful project!

  2. Jill

    Dearest Cathy,
    I too so enjoyed our time together this weekend. I always come away with my “happy tank” over flowing, a deep desire to spend more time together and the wish that we lived so much closer like when our boys were in school together. Hours just seem to fly by when you are having such fun! I love your gorgeous gardens & the tranquility of your backyard minus the groundhogs LOL. Miss Allie & Master Max are just “icing’ on the cake & adore and obey their “mom” out of love & devotion, maybe a future blog on the benefits of our pets? Our friendship is so special to me and I cherish it like a rare gem; which it is! You radiate God’s love to everyone around your girl & you are the bravest, most selfless person that I know. Your love and dedication to helping other MSers is a gift and I know that this blog is a blessing to everyone who reads it. So you are correct, that God is not done with you by a long shot. Love you my friend and pray for a timely cure

    • You continue to make me smile my dear friend and leave me speechless…imagine that! lol! 🙂

    • Your the best GF!

  3. Susan Clark Denny

    I love how you’re asking questions of your readers at the end of each posting!

    • We’re in this together GF! We all have something to contribute, don’t you think?

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