BalanceWear Weighted Vest…It’s A Wrap!

It’s A Wrap…

I paid my final visit to see Jen, my PT, for the completion of her evals identifying my directional-balance issues allowing her to strategically place very light weights throughout the BalanceWear vest!   I was a bit apprehensive as I knew my balance was horrific.  The walls in our home were my best friend, not to mention the occasional up-close and personal visit with the floors.  Good Ole stress…do we really have that in our lives?  lol!  I thought for sure this visit would not reveal positive results.

BalanceWear1Moment of truth, I put on the BalanceWear Accessment Vest, Jen placed a few weights in strategic positions based on her evals and let the final testing begin:  balance, gait and get up and go tests.

Conclusion:  I would benefit from BalanceWear!  I can’t begin to express how excited I was!  While wearing BalanceWear and having just 4 little ¼  pound weights placed throughout,  Results remained immediate.  I felt grounded, stable, in a sense that I wasn’t wobbling while sitting – I sat tall and proud!  I didn’t lose my balance when Jen would “push” me to test my balance!  I looked over my shoulder and didn’t fall!  Oh yeah!  I was beaming with total confidence!

Advancements, Options, Hope!  I am forever grateful for the hard work, dedication and determination of Cindy Gibson-Horn, PT, for creating BalanceWear for all those coping with various neurological balance issues.

Next Stop:  Orthotist in two weeks for measurements and ordering of my very own BalanceWear vest!

I know how happy I am with the option of BalanceWear and can’t wait to see the quality of life this allows me as I strive to be the very best I can be.  If you have balance issues, from any neurological condition, please check out their webpage and videos.  I know that’s how I started my venture!  You’ll be glad you did too!

“Count Your Blessings”



  1. Jill

    Woo Hoo…I’m doing the “happy dance” hear for you my friend!!!! Soooooooooo excited that it can help you address those issues & soooooooo very thankful to DPT Cindy Gibson-Horn, for creating BalanceWear!!!! Can’t wait for you to get your very own vest!

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