Back to School ~

backtoschoolMotherhood isn’t a hobby, it’s a calling.

It’s not something to do if you can squeeze in the time,

It’s what GOD gave you time for.”

The beginning of another school year is here!  I could see and sense the excitement everywhere I went recently.  From families completing their back to school shopping, to conversations at church and the market.  Kids anxious to head back school and college, reuniting with friends, and ready to hit the books.  For the little ones, some parents “couldn’t wait for the bus to arrive.”   All I could do was simply stand back and smile.  With our boys grown now, I fondly remember my excitement and emotions for the new school year as if it was yesterday!books

Change can sometimes be unsettling, bringing many uncertainties to each and every situation.  I think back to when I was first diagnosed with MS…a busy Mom raising her boys…what did this all mean for me and my family? How was this going to impact our lives?  What would the beginning of the new school year look like? This really didn’t fit into my plans. After all, we had back to school shopping to do, schedules to review and my favorite, lunch box notes to complete. I would always tuck a positive note into their lunch box each day.  A Mom’s gotta do what a Mom’s gotta do!

What I didn’t realize initially was that this change would bring such growth for me and my family.  I simply needed to embrace my challenges and trust that He knew exactly what He was doing even when I didn’t.  I discovered what I truly was made of.  What I was capable of accomplishing, sometimes differently, but I was doing what I loved to do, being a Mother!  That was priceless to me!

appleAs you embrace a new school year, changes or challenges, be encouraged as you discover what it takes for you to be the very best you can be!  Enjoy your precious gifts from God.  Make the best of each and every moment, and just like me, you’ll find yourself smiling as families complete their back to school shopping reminiscing of those wonderful years with your children!

“Count Your Blessings”


  1. Chris Spaeder

    So beautifully put, I often say I like the school year mainly because I like having structure and a schedule but I miss the kids. Cath I love reading your weekly blogs.

    • Bittersweet time for us Moms Chris! Your kids love you to pieces!!! You’re a dear friend 🙂

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