Patient Check-in Kiosks…Really?

Medical Ckin KiosksI arrived this morning at the office of a referred specialist seeking his opinion for treatment of my lingering bronchitis.  I walked through the front door and quickly noticed four kiosks lined up.  I paused, rather confused and thought, “Am I at the right place?”  I heard a voice from around the corner asking, “May I help you?” “Yes, please.”  “This is the doctor’s office, right?” I asked. “I’m not at the airport am I?”  She chuckled and said, “No, they are the new patient self check-in kiosks. Did I want to try them?”  “Not this time,” I replied.  She smiled and proceeded to check me in the old fashioned way, manually!

Am I getting old or what!?!  While I couldn’t believe what I was seeing in a medical office setting (I was used to seeing kiosks in airports) I was very curious and couldn’t wait to get home to research.  Here’s what I found:

Kiosks for medical waiting rooms are specifically designed for patient self check-in.  They allow patients the convenience to walk themselves through the entire check-in process.  Whether you have insurance or not, patients can complete and update all their information, scan insurance cards and even pay their co-pays, if applicable. Other capabilities include:

  • Fill out and sign offices required forms.
  • Answer questions typically asked at the beginning of a patient consultation, for example, medical screening interview.
  • Ability to recognize and make co-pays.

QThis non-technological MSers is hardly ready for this patient self check-in Kiosk deal! Time to get with the program though!  I think we will be seeing more of these! Make my modifications and adapt to this modern-day trend. My family would be very proud of me!

“Count Your Blessings”

Please note…above information is very general.  There’s a ton of information on-line, depending on which site you visit and what they’re trying to promote and/or accomplish.  Please feel free to investigate further for additional information!


  1. Susan Clark Denny

    Such positive reinforcement that the medical facility cares…maybe next we’ll be able to share the info we gained from WebMD and get the diagnosis and prescription with no human interaction at all. They’ll tout it as a way to keep costs down.

    • You crack me up Susan! I truly was shocked!!! Enjoy your evening! 🙂

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