BalanceWear: Hip Strengthening Exercise

Hip Strengthening Exercise ~ (content taken from BalanceWear: Stabilize Your Body Blog, Cindy Gibson-Horn, PT)

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I’m a huge proponent to remain as strong and mobile as possible. Do whatever it takes, whatever I can to be the best I can be. When treatments are developed to treat spinal lesions, gait issues, (and they’re a coming) I’ll be good to go. To achieve this, part of my regimen requires daily stretching, exercise and PT. With my PT’s clear and definitive evaluation and recommendations, I can take her education and apply them to my strengthening and balance exercises. Below, Cindy Gibson-Horn, PT, perfectly describes the importance of strong hips. I was so excited to read this article and had to share.

Snow Angel

What tools, recommendations and/or education do you apply to keep your body strong and able? Embrace the challenges of each day to be strong. Make modifications and adjustments, if needed, but press on. You can do it!  You won’t be sorry! Ah, the techniques we developed as kids making our “Snow Angels” is about to pay off!

Hip strength is integral to improving balance during standing or walking activities. Below are exercises to strengthen the hips in two directions: abduction and adduction. Abduction involves moving the leg outward, away from midline of the body. Adduction involves moving the leg inward, toward midline of the body.

Basic (Snow Angels)

1. Lay on back with arms at rest on chest or abdomen and head supported with a pillow
2. Perform “snow angel” movement: Move right leg slowly and smoothly away from and then back toward the left leg while keeping legs in full contact with the surface.
3. Perform 3 sets of 10-20 repetitions or until fatigued
4. Repeat on left leg.
5. MODIFICATION: if this exercise is too difficult to perform due to friction of the moving leg on the sliding surface, place a plastic bag under the heel of the moving leg to reduce friction.

Muscles used: inner thigh and outer hip muscles
Start with these and build reps!! More to come as you get stronger.

“Count Your Blessings”



  1. Good tip – thanks!

  2. :)! In this together GF!

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