It’s All About the “Now What’s”

It’s Friday!  Time to enjoy our weekend!

I had lunch the other day with my dear friend.  She asked about how I came up with the title of my blog, So I Have MS…Now What?  You know how things happen throughout your life and at that moment, you really don’t pay much attention to the situation at hand, that was me. Let me explain.

Years ago, while working at a MS Patient Program in Boston with Joe, a multiple sclerosis nurse, he said to me, “The next program we do, you need to speak to patients about, ‘So I have MS, now what?’” Now what?  What? I really didn’t get “what” he meant.

Believe in yourselfIt was about a year prior, 2002, I had a major attack that left me nearly paralyzed on my entire right side. My neurologist thought I should leave my job as a Medical Assistance and find a sedentary position, working 10-15 hours a week.  I’m a care taker by nature. Sedentary?  Completely crushed, I was trying desperately to cope with the unpredictable effects of Multiple Sclerosis.

I received a phone call from my neurologist office asking if I’d be interested in becoming  a MSLifeLines Ambassador?  This role would allow me the opportunity to educate, inspire and provide hope for MSers, their families and caretakers.  It was at this same time I switched DMD’s and started taking Rebif.  I was also working hard at PT to regain my strength and mobility.  Perfect combination for me.  A DMD that my body was responding to and a great PT who provided me with the education and exercises necessary to be strong and mobile! My hard work paid off.  It wasn’t long before I was back to my advocacy role. Life was good!

I was so happy to be gallivanting across Boston again with Nurse Joe to different venues anxious to connect with patients.  Funny how those little “take aways” stay with you as you smile and fondly remember!

Currently, I  recently stepped down from my ambassador role.   I simply could not “gallivant like I used to.  My giddy up was slowing down.  Safety first. I needed to be smart.  Not happy about this decision, mind you, just ask my husband. This was exactly when I needed to remember God was in complete control, turn it all over to Him.

Today, while trusting His leading, and feeling compelled to outreach, share and discuss the challenges we all face while living with MS, the “What Now” was so clear to me, my blog.

I thank you Joe for making that difference in my life many years ago and providing me the courage and inspiration to share today the “Now What’s” while managing MS.

“Count Your Blessings”



  1. Wonderful! Life is all about choices and the sh– we can’t control, and you’re demonstrating that you choose to be positive when the other stuff comes along. Love you, girl!

    • Isn’t life all about the choices we choose to make? Not always easy for sure, but we’re making the necessary adjustments and keep on keepin on! We’re in this together :). You keep up the great attitude and hard work. I’m proud of you!!!

  2. Hi Cath, you know you were my Angel at the time in my life when I needed you the most. Although we have never met face to face you are my best buddy! Love you, keep up the good work

    • Hey Chris – it all started with peer connection, complete strangers becoming friends and sharing a wonderful friendship over the years…we’re in this together girl! You continue to be my inspiration! 🙂

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