Be Inspired by Ebook DREAMS – Don’t Let MS End Yours!

Such a beautiful fall day here on the east coast.  Brisk temps, colorful leaves and the sun is a beaming!  Perfect day to get out to the flower beds! Let the inspiration begin!

kristi1Speaking of inspiration, a dear MSer friend, Kristie Salerno Kent, has written a book DREAMS sharing her day-to-day challenges with MS. From diagnosis, denial, to triumphantly accepting and managing MS while reaching for her DREAMS. Kristie is a wife, mother of two, patient advocate, singer, songwriter and filmmaker.

She always had one goal:  To encourage and inspire others living with MS while remembering, “The word DREAMS may end in MS but MS didn’t end my DREAMS. Don’t let it end yours.”  You’re a true difference maker Kristie!

It’s with great honor that Kristie shares her free ebook with you.  Be inspired as you reach for your DREAMS

“Count Your Blessings”


  1. YAY for Kristi! Sweet of you to use your venue to promote her book!

    • We’re all in this together Susan! 🙂

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