Pardon the Interruption ~Time Out with MS

There never seems to be quite enough time in the day.  Mornings tend to be a rush to jump-start the day:  breakfast, exercise, wash and tiding our home.  By now it’s time for that power nap in preparation for the evening:  dinner, clean up and quiet time with my husband.  I really enjoy our “debriefing” as we talk about our days.

bill slowskyIt’s been a long few weeks and the hustle and bustle has caught up with me.  Suddenly I feel like Bill and Karolyn Slowsky. This dynamic turtle husband and wife team were icons for an advertising campaign with a local internet provider.  The Slowskys liked things slow, right down to their internet server.  They were not interested, at all, to have a faster internet service – it would be “far to fast.”  Their commercials were hysterical and always made me laugh.  Just like the Slowskys, I’m going nowhere fast right now!

After many years of managing my MS, I still haven’t mastered when to say when.  I tend to push myself to hard and take on to much.  At times, I still think I am woman hear me roar.  When in reality, that’s not the case.  God has a funny way of shutting my body down and gaining my complete attention.  Suddenly, I find myself listening to my body and will rest – the choice has been made for me.   

Life is filled with many challenges and just like the lovable Slowskys, slow is what allows us to learn. Slow is what allows us to make good decisions.  Slow is what allows us to embrace each and every day creating the successes that allow us to thrive.  Slow is a priceless gift we give to ourselves and others.   Setbacks and doing to much will absolutely occur.  With dedication, discipline and determination, embrace each challenge head on.  Continue to work hard, never giving up, as we prepare and anticipate  the cure for MS!  Our brilliant, medical minds are hard at work!

Make it a great day!

“Count Your Blessings”



  1. Beautifully well said, great advice for all of us! I couldn’t agree more, the mind says go go go only to have the body say no no no😣. Keep up the good work🙏

  2. The stubborn one here still wants to do what I want to do and the “no, no, no” interrupts. Life still remains good for sure Chris! 😉

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