Live a Life of No Regrets ~

Have you ever been in a situation, a time in your life, where you felt like everything was going wrong?  Nothing was easy?  The “why me” circumstances?  Guilty right here!

On Sunday, we had a powerful guest speaker at church that completely impacted our lives.  As he shared his amazing story, our tears eventually turned to smiles.  His name was Robert Rogers.  Author of his true story, Into the Deep, where he penned how tragedy took his entire family but did not diminish his faith.

Family was everything to Robert and his beloved wife, Melissa.  They had four young children and lived in the suburbs of Missouri.  On August 30, 2003, Robert and his family were returning home from a wedding when they were suddenly caught in a flash flood.  Robert was swept from his vehicle by the strong current.  He only “hoped his family would survive.”  Sadly, his wife and four children did not.

“When God is our refuge, even when there is despair…there is hope!

Even in the midst of sorrow…there is peace and joy.”

Robert Rogers – September, 2003

Tragedy beyond imagination.  How does one begin to grieve, exist or even find the strength to carry on?  But he did.  His message, “God’s grace will sustain you through it all.  Challenge yourself to live a life of “No Regrets.”  Cherish your children.  Work to live.  Don’t live to work.  No one is guaranteed tomorrow.”  Wow!

God was able to take this struggle and allow Robert to courageously move forward while always remembering his cherished family, holding them forever close to his heart.  Today, Robert formed Mighty in the Land Ministry where he shares his testimony of “No Regrets” around the world bringing honor and glory to our Lord.

Tragedy, challenges surround each and every one of us – at various degrees – such as this. Remember to embrace the many blessings we have today as we seek to live a life of  “No Regrets.”

“Count Your Blessings”

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