Fatigue and the “To Do” List ~

We know that fatigue is one of the most common symptom for multiple sclerosis, occurring in nearly 80% of all MSers.  I’ve learned to conserve my energy and value rest.  I try to plan and pace my “to do” list, prioritizing and focusing on things that need to get done first. The biggest obstacle I have is me.  Often I think I can do everything on my “to do” list when reality says no!  And boy, can I push that no! Women sleeping

Today was a perfect example.  I was running errands and stopped at one to many stores.  I knew I was pacing myself and felt pretty good after all.  And just like that, I could feel my ole gas tank beginning to hit empty.  I was done.  Time to head home as my energy was depleted, rest was required and my “to do” list was finished for the day.

At this stage of the game, I am fully aware of my limitations, when to say when, but the desire to do what I used to do, complete that entire “to do” list, is ever-present.  Did I learn from over doing it (again)?  I hope so.  MS and fatigue require me to pace myself, listen to my body and rest often!  What do you do to manage your fatigue?

Always an adventure as I seek to manage and conquer the unpredictability of MS and fatigue.

“Count Your Blessings”



  1. You are learning perhaps the most difficult lesson about MS:rest. Good Luck! I’m still working on it and I’ve had MS for almost 30 years!

    • Thank you for your kind words of wisdom! Sounds like some things remain difficult to change. Enjoy your day!

  2. It would be easier if our bodies had a fuel gauge like a car where we could visibly see our tanks depleting – then we might have some viable indicator. And where is the yellow warning light to alert us that we’re in danger and it’s time to refuel? Even with a proper gauge, I suspect that the needle might unpredictably drop from half to empty with no warning, as that is how our bodies work sometimes. And every day is different, starting with a different size tank. No easy answers. You did well to recognize when your tank was empty and sputter home when you did.

    • Your comment painted our daily picture, tank or not! Stay warm and have a great day!

  3. Susan Clark Denny

    Thanks for your honesty! Your phrase “I was done” – I know that feeling! But I do hate those moments of remembering what I used to be able to do…

    • True appreciation for sure Do you think our reflecting back to our old norm will go away? I’d like to think so but remembering it is healthy to mourn, from time to time, and move along. Life is still good and God isn’t done with us yet! 🙂

      • Susan Clark Denny

        I can say that I used to hold those memories of yore a lot more a few years ago – and mourning is exactly what happens, but I agree it should be only for a time!

  4. Counting our blessings for sure Susan! Hope you’re feeling better! 🙂

  5. I have it easier than most because not only am I a ‘senior’ and retired but my husband is also very good at doing those things that would deplete my energy big time…like vacuuming and even cleaning the bathtubs…sinks I can manage but the bending and stretching to do the tubs is difficult. I can also rest anytime as our schedule for the most part is flexible. Having said that right now my energy level is very low because for months i was sleeping on my lazy boy as I was unable to lie down….but i finally had surgery a couple of weeks ago so am once again lying down to sleep…. but the fatigue level is still with me and it likely will take some time to recover……..You on the other hand are much younger so you really need to gauge how much to do…. Diane

    • Thank you for your response and kind words. What a blessing you husband is! I’m so grateful your surgery went well and now can lay down to rest…simple pleasures of life for sure! Fatigue is truly a symptom we all try to manage, sometimes pushing more than we should, but remains a never-ending one to try accept and conquer! I appreciate your kind recommendation! Feel well and enjoy your weekend! Blessings!

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