Owning My Decision ~ Persevering



Remember the Presidential Fitness Award in gym class…I think I’m dating myself!  I specifically remember the dreaded rope climb, one that always was a challenge for me year after year.  It was my turn, here we go.  I’m reaching, I’m pulling and the inevitable shakes begin, down I go.  I felt the same way when I was diagnosed with MS.  Bamm, down I went.

The first year of diagnosis can be rather turbulent.  I think there’s a natural mourning process.  It’s inevitable that some things will change and you need to accept that to move forward.   A positive attitude has always been invaluable for me as I navigate the often murky waters of MS.  I’m still breathing after all.  God’s not done with me yet!

I began my first DMD Avonex.  My Neurologist shared if a medication is going to work, a six-month period of time is a good gauge.  Unfortunately, I continued to suffer many relapses during this time frame.  My last attack was the worst.  I lost complete use of my entire right side.  Life was not good for me or my boys.  I could see their worry as they bravely tried to comfort me.  Broke my heart.  My parents moved into our home to help take care of my boys and our basement became the in-law suite.  It was at this time that I began to experience the unpredictability of Multiple Sclerosis.



My Neurologist ordered another MRI which revealed 36 new lesions, including the spine.  My initial MRI showed only six lesions. (please keep in mind that the exact correlation between MRI findings and current or future clinical status of patients, is not clear.) In order for me to completely understand the ongoing MS activity, I asked him to show me the lesions.  I certainly couldn’t see them!  From all my research, I knew what those lesions in the spine had the potential to mean.  It was obvious that Avonex was not effective for me.  I needed to find a DMD my body would respond to!

Just like that rope climb, down I went.  This time, I knew with the love and support I had with God, my family and dear friends, I would find the strength and courage to persevere to be the very best I could possible be.

Stay tuned…

“Count Your Blessings”


  1. Hey, make sure you cite where you got that image from on that post of the brain lesions.


    I had a good friend get in huge trouble. Just more of FYI.


    • Thank you for your information and link! 🙂 I typically go to google images looking for clips.

  2. Sending reiki energy! Hang in there…. and yes, I do recall the dreaded presidential test. They still do it in PE classes, different than what I did 30 years plus ago…

    • Thank you Paula! The dreaded rope climb is forever ingrained in our minds! Enjoy your day!

  3. It doesn’t matter how many times you fall down, just how many times you get up. One more time is all it takes.

  4. Amen to that Quiall! Thank you for your encouragement! Have a great day!

  5. Cath you continue to be an inspiration always!

    • Hey Chris ~ thank you GF and right back at ya! We’re in this together and will be the very best we can be!!!

  6. Susan Clark Denny

    I love the difference you make between the President’s physical fitness thing (that I always failed, too) & the MS knock down – you knew you were surrounded by love. You are a blessing!

    • You’re sweet GF! The feelings remain mutual. All these years striving to win, be it the Presidential Fitness or MS, this time, we will win! Without the love and support we receive, Susan, we’re done! Waiting for you to send the snow our way…lol! Just little “flurry showers!” Stay warm!

  7. Oh, that dreaded rope! Great visual comparison 🙂

    • Isn’t it funny how that dreaded rope brings back such memories?!?

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