Simply Green…It’s a Beautiful Thing!

A nutritious, green smoothie has become a regular staple for me…and I’m beginning to enjoy the taste of  greens.  You can rest assured, I would not, by choice, chose to consume kale, swiss chard, collard greens or even dandelion, but mixed with fruit creates a home run for me!

As with MS, I found myself consumed with online research to learn all I could about green smoothies.  Which greens should I use or are preferred?  Is it true to rotate your greens?  Should I use fresh, raw or frozen fruit?  What liquid should I add — water, coconut water or green tea?  Protein powders or not?  Then there’s the option of adding superfoods:  flax or chai seeds, goji berries or nuts?  Wow!

Through this trial period, I learned that this whole process didn’t need to be difficult at all, and it wasn’t.  I use the NutriBullet to make my smoothies. So quick and easy.  I like their basic recipe protocol:  50/50 green-fruit ratio.  Remaining ingredients of choice are additions.  I do rotate my greens and add fruits we have on hand, both fresh and frozen.  I personally prefer the frozen since I like the smoothies a little thicker.  I do add one scoop of organic protein powder and flax or goji berries.  Finally, I add water or liquid of choice and blend away.  Your daily dose of goodness is ready to go!

There are many health benefits gained from green smoothies.  The increased consumption of fruits and veggies – adding terrific value for the body!  Increased energy – now that’s what I’m talking about!  Eases digestion and helps absorption of nutrients.  Increased fiber – removing our toxins.  Clearer skin and stronger nails – a nice added bonus!  Reduced cravings.  Think about it.  If your body is now receiving good, healthy choices for consumption, you will indeed have reduced cravings for junk.  Cravings or not, I have a feeling  I’ll continue to have chocolate!  lol!

I’m happy to add green smoothies to my daily diet and health regimen!  What about you?  Do you drink green smoothies?

“Count Your Blessings”

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