Tackling My “I will” Statements ~

Winter is definitely here on the east coast.  The snow is just beautiful as it gently falls to the ground.  I think the blanket of snow will remain for a while as the temperature rapidly decline. We’re expected to reach a high of 17 degrees today…burrrr! Welcome to the tundra!

MaxYou can rest assured,  I’ll be enjoying a nice cup of hot, green tea as I take time to evaluate my goals for the new year.  Even our Max is keeping warm and comfy.  I smile as I think of my husband reminding me that if I write it down, have a plan, my life would be more manageable.  Hummmm, he may be right, but I find it to be such a daunting task to take the time to document, organize and put that plan into action. After all, I know what needs to be done and accomplished!  Maybe?

I created a thought-provoking document to assist with developing  a personal “I will” statement.  I actually was organizing and writing down my “I will” statements!  My husband beamed! This tool became invaluable to me personally.  I began to share my “I will” document at work during our MS Patient Educational Programs.  I enjoyed conversing with patients as we tackled our “I will” statement(s) and plan of action!  Priceless!

We all have detours in our lives, be it MS or anything else, but our detours will not define who we are, will they?  What is your personal “I will” statement(s)?  Think about one or two statements and write them down.

What steps will you need to reach your “I will” statement(s)?   Write them down.

While considering your “I will” statement(s), take the time to ponder these questions to help form your goals and you guessed it…write them down:

  •   What do I want to accomplish in my life?
  •   What gives me joy, encouragement, fear, hope, pain, confidence?
  •   How do I define success in life?
  •   What do I feel good about doing, in the sense of knowing I can do it well?
  •   What strengths and resources do I have?
  •   What are my limitations or deficiencies?  How do I feel about them?  Which ones can I   strive to improve or do differently?

Remember the Many Surprises MS or life may bring…do not be discouraged when reaching for your goals.  Courage is required for each and every attempt we make.  Some goals will come easily, others with modification or simply crossed off your list.  You can be very proud of yourself as you discover what it takes for you to be the very best you can be!

Please share your “I will” statement(s) and plan of action.  🙂

“Count Your Blessings”


  1. excellent way to start the day: ” I will” !

    • 🙂 One day at a time! Stay warm Quiall!!! C

  2. fairydisenchantment

    I’ve learned so much about the things that always used to make me happy, that I wandered away from in the pursuit of a degree and a new career, but then MS made those plans obsolete, I found myself going back to my roots — writing. Working on my MS blog helped me rediscover this, but also helped me connect with so many people that I would never have known otherwise. So my “I will” is to keep writing. I will work on something every day, even just a line in a journal — and if I have a relapse that affects my hands or my vision, I will write by dictation. All of our lives are successful if we do something we love.

    Thank you for this post, and stay warm!

    • Thank you for your response and sharing your walk and passion for writing! Wonderful “I will” choice and what blessed gift you have! MS truly does take us down a road we would never choose to travel. Remembering the tools available today to manage our MS, the advancements and hope we have for repair of damage and a cure for the unpredictibilty of MS. I like your comment, “All of our lives are successful if we do something we love.” Amen to that! Living you life to the fullest and providing smiles along the way! Enjoy your weekend.

  3. I read and tried to think of the ‘I will’s’ but right now I can’t even attempt it… What I did do is choose a word that I will try to make my motto or to exemplify what I hope for in 2014 (as 2 other bloggers were doing) and my word is ‘victory’…… to achieve victory in my life over situations going on right now… Diane

    • Perfect choice Diane. A single word actually simplifies the “I will” statement! 🙂 Victory! I have no doubt you will be victorious while tackling situations in our lives! You can count on my prayers and wishing you a wonderful weekend! Catherine

      • Thanks Catherine… (one of my sister’s name was Catherine)….. You have a good weekend too… Diane

  4. Beautiful Cath I always love to read your blogs!

    • Sweet Chris! Hope you and the family had a Happy New Year and that you’re doing well! 🙂 Stay warm!!!

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