Suzy Homemaker ~ Unfinished Lessons

It’s that time again…a new year and new “I will” statements to be established.   I liked a comment from a fellow blogger who prefers to “choose a word that I will try to make my motto or to exemplify what I hope for in 2014.”  Terrific idea!

One word that quickly comes to my mind…COOK!  An area of struggle for me has always been cooking!  Ugh!  My boys continue to remind me, “We ate a lot of Chiaros!” Chiaros was a wonderful Italian restaurant five minutes from home.  Delicious, homemade goodness complete with a drive-through window!  Perfect for this Mom with busy after school schedules for the boys.

Suzy Homemaker Ad, 1966, Topper Toys

Suzy Homemaker Ad, 1966, Topper Toys

My best friend (since the seventh grade – she loves when I say that) is a fabulous cook and baker.  Everything is always soooo good!  I simply smile as I recall stopping by for a visit and there she was, rolling and cutting her homemade pasta dough!  I couldn’t believe it!  We laughed as I stated emphatically, “Now that’s where I’d draw the line.  They have boxed pasta ya know!”

It was then I nicknamed my BFF, Suzy Homemaker.  Webster defines Suzy Homemaker as:  a housewife who manages a household, especially with enthusiasm; also the stereotype of any woman who chooses a traditional female role.  Perfectly describes my Brenda.  She’s a wonderful wife, mother and dear friend to all!

My goal this year is to continue to fine-tune my cooking and become a good COOK!  For some, this comes easily .  For others, well, I had a hard time cooking with my little Suzy Homemaker Oven.  There’s always hope!  🙂

“Count Your Blessings”


  1. That’s something we have in common …. cooking was a necessary event while raising a family but it was never complicated or gourmet cooking… plain and simple was basically what they got…. The birthday cakes courtesy of Duncan Hines was the extent pretty well of my baking ….the occasional Apple Pie… that was the sole inheritance from my mother teaching all her daughters…. and it’s so wonderful that when the kids were grown and my husband actually having the time and desire to cook… I could relinquish most of it to him… bless his little heart….. Diane

    • As I liked to call it Diane, the joys of cooking, I hoped! A typical meal would include boneless chicken on good ole George Foreman Grill, perfect every time. Love Mom’s tradition to her daughters…Apple Pit! Sounds like your husband is a good cook. Favorite requests?

      • He likes to experiment where I don’t…. chicken done in the oven with onions, green/orange peppers, canned tomatoes/spaghetti sauce ….. among others…. He actually ‘likes’ to cook…. would ya believe it??? Diane

      • What time’s dinner? Sounds great. What a wonderful husband! My Dad is the same way – loves his cooking!

      • Whatever time you come ha! Diane

      • Such a shame we don’t live closer! ha! 🙂

  2. Brenda

    Yes, I love to cook!!! You forgot to tell them that your BFF doesn’t do a good job at cooking and cleaning!! Cooking takes a lot of time and practice!!! Cooking for two has it’s challenges! My suggestion to you would be make a recipe and put half in the freezer for the next week! I try to double my recipes and freeze as much as I can!!! Love you girlfriend!

    Brenda (your BFF from the seventh grade!)

    • Dearest BFF (since the seventh grade). You are so funny! No need to discuss the cooking and cleaning as you perfectly described above – “it takes a lot of time and practice!!!” – and there are so many hours in the day after all! Tough choice, do something I love – cooking, baking or cleaning? Hmmmmm! I admire you!!! Thank you for your continued help and tips Suzy! Love you ~

  3. Can’t do it much anymore, but I loved to cook. I am sure you know much more than you think you do. Trial and error is a good teacher. I’m convinced it’s all about good recipes. Pinterest has made things so much easier! And what’s wrong with takeout anyway?

    • An work in progress, still, and seeing progress. Pinterest…oh boy…what an awesome page. Could easily spend way too much time there! 🙂 Nothing wrong with takeout. The boys great memories of my cooking days – or lack thereof – but were appreciative of the need with the crazy schedules.

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