The Best Defense is a Good Offense…

The best way to defend oneself is to be active; the best way to keep the other side from winning is to be aggressive; attack is the best form of defense.  ~ dictionarist

In my early years, I enjoyed participating in daily, after-school sports with friends.  We played soccer or softball, depending on the season.  As a mother of very active boys, I was blessed to watch them take that same passion and love for sports and give it their all, enjoying each and every season into their collegiate years.  From these experiences, I hear the echoes of coaches stating, “the best defense is a good offense.”  Today, I recognized that this great concept could be applied to my MS and everyday life.

One of my goals to manage my MS this year is to Remain Disciplined and continue to work hard to be as strong and mobile as possible.  Most importantly, never, ever, giving up!   Let me share with you my game plan to achieve just that.

babe ruthPrayer:  Complete my devotions first thing in the morning and setting my mind on above.  I find when I am diligent with my schedule, my day is oh so much better.  Remain Disciplined!

DMD (Disease Modifying Drug):  Compliant to my injections.  Rebif  has been a true blessing to me for 10 years, not allowing further lesion load or activity since I began this therapy in 02’!  Remain Disciplined!

BalanceWear Weighted Vest:  Zipper up!  I can’t say enough about my BalanceWear Weighted Vest!  With my significant balance issues, I have a wonderful, daily tool to wear helping me remain upright (not falling) and able to conduct my daily routine leaving my balance issues behind!  Remain Disciplined!

Exercise:  Extremely import to maintain my workout routine. The benefits I receive from my PT’s recommended  exercise regimen allow me to focus specifically on balance, flexibility and strength needs.  I have all my exercises printed, organized by category and placed in a binder ready to go!  Finally, my recumbent bike – keeping my legs a moving while providing cardio benefits.  Remain Disciplined!

Rest:  One of the hardest game plan options to conquer for me – when to say when, before I’m complete wiped out!   I’m still learning to listen to my body.  There’s the key, listen, instead of thinking I can keep on keeping on!  A work in progress as I strive to Remain Disciplined and take breaks!

How about you?

With my game plan outlined, I am prepared to Remain Disciplined and bring my best offense and take out that defense, MS! Let the games begin.

 “Count Your Blessings”



  1. Sounds like a really good game plan to me!…. You’ve certainly got the determination for it! Diane

    • The power of written words and determination, striving to be optimal for sure Diane! With you cook by your side, it’s a “victory” in the making!

  2. Me too!

    • Know you will Susan! 🙂

  3. Reblogged this on jemimaj24.

    • Thank you visiting my blog! Make it a great day! 🙂

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