Rise and Shine ~

cardinal in snow2Rise and shine.  The beginning of a new day.  Every morning I head on out to the kitchen and grab a cup of coffee my husband has left for me.  I routinely open the shade to our kitchen window and take a peek out back to see if we have any visitors.  This time of the year we often see herds of deer passing by, but not today.  One critter was awake and scanning the area too…a beautiful cardinal perched on the snow-covered tree.  I smiled and admired the peace and calmness he radiates.

Max in snow14'Each morning begins with stretches, floor exercises and my good ol recumbent bike. It’s so important for me to remain disciplined and dedicated to be strong and do what I can.  I find these three components helpful, both physically and emotionally – because I can and did complete my task!

Not only is my daily exercise regimen important for me, it’s also import for our four-legged??????????????????????????????? cheerleaders, Max and Allie.  They know the routine and patiently wait their turn to go outside to play and exercise. We have so much fun! These puppers are the sunshine that brightens my day! Our four-legged blessings!

As you begin each and every new day, what brings you peace, calmness?

Wishing you a wonderful weekend and enjoy the “sunshine” that brightens your day!

“Count Your Blessings”


  1. This morning my ‘sun is not shining’…. I’m very tired and will likely be napping during the day… Kinda had rough night……… but tomorrow is another day…. Diane

    • Ut-oh! Sorry your night was a long one! Good for you to listen to your body and will rest and nap. The day is all yours. Grab and cup of tea and get comfy! You are so right, tomorrow is another day and you’ll be feeling much better! Catherine

      • Thank you… I so hope so… Diane

  2. Great to meet you and LOVE your puppers!!!! Trev is our treasure…Can’t imagine one day without my furry best friend!!!! Happy day to you and yours!!!!

    • Thank you for visiting and so nice to meet you as well! I completely agree with you how much our puppers mean to us each and every day! Enjoy your day! 🙂

  3. Catherine, you have both encouraged and inspired me to take better care of my ‘temple’ that God has given me. My journey with chronic back pain is nothing compared to yours with MS, but I too do better by staying into a routine of gentle physical strengthening. Thanks and I pray that God keeps you strong and symptom-free. blessings

    • So happy your found the post encouraging. I find it important to understand the conditions we all manage. Each journey is significant, be it MS, back pain or simply a bad day. The beauty of gentle strengthening! So helpful! Thank you for your prayers. I will keep you in mine as well! God remains so good with friendships being made!

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