Snow! It’s a Beautiful Thing!

TD3Another fun-filled, snowy day in our neck of the woods!  The snow fell steadily, inch by inch, most of the day.  By late afternoon, the taper began.  We were left with about 8″ of heavy white stuff blanketing our home.  My husband (who had off today) plowed our driveway twice, morning and afternoon, while Allie stood on the patio supervising!

Allie Sup

Funny how unexpected snow conditions can quickly halt your plans for the day. You’re gone nowhere fast.  As I watched my husband out the window plowing, I began to think about my MS in comparison…sometimes that halt (symptoms, relapse, etc.) delays my plans for the day. Disappointing at times, yes, but manageable.  After all, I still have tomorrow right? One day at a time.  Now that’s a beautiful thing!

Max Allie 1A great bonus with the snow today was having my husband home. We enjoyed watching the puppers have fun in the snow and a special treat…I had some frozen chocolate chip oatmeal cookie dough in the freezer.  You guessed it, baked cookies! What a perfect way to end our day!

“Count Your Blessings”



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