Rise and Shine ~ Follow-up

The value and impact our beloved dogs have on our every day life is hard to put into words sometime.   I just had to share (with permission) an email I received in response to the post, “Rise and Shine.”  Karen painted the perfect picture of God’s provisions each and every day, right down to the gentle smiles and love received from our puppers!  Enjoy as you read her email and photo of one special Cecilia!

Thank you for your friendship and encouragement friend!  Together, we’ll be victorious managing our MS!  Enjoy your day and your puppers!  Love ya girl!

“Count Your Blessings” 

I have to tell you a sweet story.  Most every morning I get my cup of coffee and sit in my chair and then say my morning prayer.  I thank the Lord for sight and speech and hearing, the ability to walk and talk, to care for myself, for the provision of food and shelter.  I thank Him for a beautiful new day and the glory of His creation.  Upon that last sentence, don’t you know my Irish Setter sticks her nose in my praying hands.  I caressed her lovely face and said to her, “yes Cecilia you are part of Gods’ magnificent creation”.

They really do know how to touch our souls don’t they!

Love you Sister



  1. Our doggies and even our kitties…have a way to soothe our emotions sometimes… the other day when I was feeling teary and sniffling my new cat…. ran over from where she was sitting onto my lap, climbed up and put her nose next to mind and gave a little ‘meow’…. as if she knew….. Diane

    • Thank you for sharing Diane! I have no doubt your kittie knew exactly what she was up to and wanted to bring her meow providing that gentle care and warmth that only our animals bring. Goal: Let’s push some happy button! I’m sure she did! 🙂

  2. So perfectly said!!!! Our dogs are our angels…so glad I found your blog…Thank you and God bless you and yours today!!!!

    • Completely agree friend! Thank you for visiting. Blessing to you and yours as well! 🙂

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