Managed Care at Its Finest…

Managed care at its finest.  Say no more!  In today’s world, medical and prescription insurance benefits are a priceless commodity while managing a chronic illness.  Following diagnosis, one thing  I valued at work was my health benefits.  The ability to keep my finances in perspective.

Q promd.usCurrently, can the same be said?  With the ever-changing policies, carriers and allowed benefits, I find myself being my own advocate in one specific area – prescription benefits. Talk about frustration.  Hours upon hours spent on the phone with “specialty drug agents” to get things correct, namely, fill these “specialty drugs” as prescribed and charge our plan’s correctly.  Simple concept right?  Hardly.

While managing these often tumultuous issues, there is help, believe it or not. Carriers are obligated to provide the services and benefits outlined in our plans. Nothing more, nothing less.  We only ask that they do their job and do it well.  Exactly what we expect from ourselves.

Brittany and John final (1)If you experience these issues, reach out to those who can help:

  • Contact your “Benefits Coordinator” for help and/or direction ~
  • Contact your “Carrier’s Representative or Agent ~
  • Contact your respective “Pharmaceutical Representative/Nurse” for assistance.  Many offer an array of services to help you ~

I believe you just experienced my frustration with Managed Care.  Thank you for your patience!   If you are/do experience the same, please don’t hesitate to share or reach out with questions.  Together, we’ll find a solution!

“Count Your Blessings”



  1. This is a very helpful post. The changes are real, and you’ve given practical tips and tools!

    • The past few months have been very challenging with managed care. One step, one phone call at a time. 🙂 Glad to share tips of the day to help in any way.

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