Survey Say ~ Wednesday

It’s important to opt for activities appropriate and safe for your current diagnosis and/or symptoms.  Touch base with your physician to obtain permission for your exercise choices.  Keep “rollin” and be the best you can be!

survey says


  1. I used to take the aqua therapy but not cool water… a bit warm.. Since we’ve moved I haven’t done so… There’s no place very close and I guess with the other issues I just haven’t … but that’s my preferred method of exercise… Diane

    • Good choice, Diane! I know it’s not always easy, logistically, to get to pools (speaking from experience here, lol) One option I use is right in my home – stretching through out the day to reduce spasticity. Another option is a free DVD available online: Fitness with Katrina ( Enjoy your day!

      • It’s a real issue with me.. no exercise.. I looked at the link you gave but unfortunately it is only available in the U.S. and I’m in Canada… but thanks.. Diane

      • Sorry to hear that! I have a copy…could I mail? C

      • I would gladly accept your kind offer except the cost of shipping from US to Canada is ridiculous…. I’ll see if there is anything similar here… Thank you again Catherine… that is so sweet of you… Diane

      • 🙂

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