MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Awareness Month

MS Awareness Month banner

It’s Mulitple Sclerosis (MS)  Awareness Month.  Thankful for the ongoing research, education and support available for MSers today!

What know MS is a chronic, potentially disabling disease of the Central Nervous System (CNS) which includes the brain and spinal cord.   With MS, the body’s immune system attacks the protective coating (myelin) that covers the nerves. That damage interrupts the communication between the brain and spinal cord going to other parts of the body, delaying and causing trouble for nerve signals to reach their destination.

We know that Neurologist recommend once diagnosed to begin treating MS with a disease modifying drug (DMD).  Today, there are currently ten FDA approved DMD’s, both injectables and orals.  In addition, some patients find success with a complimentary alternative medication (CAM),  Low-Dose Naltrexone (LDN).  So many choices to find that good fit for you, what will work to protect the activity of one’s MS!

We know there is no cure.  Researchers are hard at work with their clinical trials and studies with one common goal:  A CURE!

Be inspired while reading a recent publication provided by the MSAA: MS Research Update, “a comprehensive overview of research findings on the FDA-approved disease-modifying therapies, as well as many experimental treatments.”  This update provides that sense of hope for potential advancements in the research pipeline.

Stay tuned as we explore the many facets of Multiple Sclerosis…we’re in this together!

“Count Your Blessings”

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  1. Hi.. in Canada May is MS awareness month.. Diane

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