UPDATE: LIKE and SHARE ~ Support MS Research

Great news from the Myelin Repair Foundation!  They reached their goal! The power of social media! (post below) This organization’s goal is to discover treatments for repairing myelin.  Important cause. The posts from patients, family and friends on their FB page are heart breaking.  Instant reminder to count my blessings each and ever day knowing others truly are faced with greater obstacles with progression.  God bless these brilliant minds who work hard to find something to potentially help, providing H.O.P.E!
LIKE and SHARE ~ Support MS Research
One very special anonymous donor will financially support ongoing research with the Myelin Repair Foundation. Please head over to their FACEBOOK page, LIKE and SHARE: https://www.facebook.com/MyelinRepairFoundation
Your clicks matter!  🙂

Photo: Exciting news! In honor of MS Awareness Month—and to help accelerate our critical MS research—an anonymous donor has generously agreed to support the Myelin Repair Foundation with this challenge: For every LIKE this post gets the Myelin Repair Foundation will receive $1. For every SHARE this post gets we will receive $5.All in support of MS research.This challenge is going on now until March 17th, and is up to $10,000. So please like, share and support MRF today!www.myelinrepair.org

God remains oh so good!

“Count Your Blessings”

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