Survey Says ~ Wednesday

survey says


  1. Hi Catherine… While I like to do your polls …it’s interesting… I found that they appeared on Facebook put on by Polldaddy.. and I like to keep my blogging separate from my Facebook….. Diane

    • What? Can you help me please? Do I need to check something off maybe? Thank you Diane!

      • Hi.. It was on my fb timeline…. something like (can’t remember exact words) Diane said… such and such on a poll taken by so and so …. etc. (It might have linked to it. I’m not sure as I deleted it.. but at the bottom it said Polldaddy …. so I assumed they somehow are linked to facebook and put the results of their polls on there… Hope it helps… I didn’t think you knew… Who would know that they do that.. Diane

      • So sorry Diane. I take great pride in confidentiality. I did send an email to Polldaddy and wordpress to see if I can get answers! Ugh! Thank you for your reply and insight! Catherine

      • I don’t blame you at all. FB and Polldaddy probably have small print… Diane

      • 😉 Didn’t hear back yet! Stay tuned.

      • Not to worry.. .I’m not… Diane

      • Received response from polldaddy. Pretty much what I expected. At least they are on alert that confidentiality was breached Advocacy and voices to be heard Diane! Keep me posted if this happens again! Cold here but the sun is a shining…for that, we can smile! C

        Hi there,
        So you are saying that they took the poll your site and it somehow ended on their FB timeline. We have sharing buttons on the polls but we don’t post anything automatically. I’m not sure what happened here.

      • Yes the sun is shining and the snow is bright white… and lots of it… but you’re right we can smile… Diane

      • 🙂

    • Me again. I checked my facebook and no survey post on my page. I know in the past, I periodically have posted on my page, I simply push the little facebook button under the post. Non-techy here is struggling with what is happening!

  2. Yes.. but if you just did that why would what I checked off on your poll appear on mine.. I have only once linked a post of mine to facebook but in this case it wasn’t my post but something I did on yours… Diane

    • This is very concerning! I appreciate your feedback! I’ll provide update from them as soon as I hear back! 🙂

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