“The Show Must Go On”

We all know what it’s like, each and every day, facing the hustle and bustle before us.  The “to do” list is never-ending:  work, errands, family, activities and maybe a home cooked meal?  Suddenly everything comes to a halt, stopping dead in its tracks.  This quite often is the picture painted when experiencing MS.  The “to do” list becomes the “pending” list.

While working, a fellow MS LifeLines Ambassador, Kristie Salerno Kent, produced a wonderful, educational video to bring about MS awareness, The Show Must Go On.  Kristie ventures into the public and asks complete strangers to “slip into the MS costume” and experience the often silent symptoms of MSers. 

We remain blessed with many options available for symptom management today.  Taking these tools while remembering, The Show Must Go On.

Enjoy your weekend!

“Count Your Blessings”

Enjoy additional media from Kristie Salerono Kent (ebook and album):  http://www.dreamstheebook.com/about-kristie.php


  1. That was an excellent way of demonstrating that those of us who ‘look so good’ have a difficult time … we know what our challenges are but we feel that others don’t understand because we don’t wear our ‘illness’ on our sleeve..so to speak… Diane

    • Glad you enjoyed the video! Completely agree with you. The video clearly shows the challenges many MSers face while looking So Good! C

      • PS…love your photo!

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