Hollywood Meets MS, Take Two

Houston, we have a problem…

Today was my big day to begin training on the Lokomat.  I was pumped and ready to go.  I arrived early and was greeted by Jen, my PT.  Her usual friendly smile was a bit off today.  I quickly learned why.

Jen shared that I would not be a good candidate for the robotic portion of the Lokomat.  As you can imagine, I began to cry like a sappy baby.  This decision was recommended because I had fractured my tibia and fibula over the years.  It was thought I’d be a high risk to re-fracture due to the intense, repetitive motion involved.

This all made sense to me, but I wasn’t happy.  I tried to compose myself  and shared with my dear Jen that I was so hopeful, so desperate, if you will, that this could correct my poor gait problems.  I wanted to give it my all and walk again.  I’m sure you can appreciate my emotions.  We all face challenges from time to time, don’t we?  Process, regroup and keep on keeping on.  That’s what I needed to do.

Jen advised she had a different plan worth trying.  I trust her completely and listened intently to her plan. “We can still try the Lokomat without the robotics.”  “We will suspend you from the ceiling, capturing your body weight and have you walk on the tread mill.”  “I will manually bend your knee and manage your ankle area.”  “What do you think?”  Let’s do it!

This “different plan” was amazing!  For the first time in years I could feel pain in my buttock, hip and thigh.  This was not pain, pain, simply workout pain.  They were teasing me because I was happy for my “workout” pain!  I felt revived!

As I drove home, I paused to remember there will be many joys and disappointments when managing the every changing challenges of MS.  I also must remember to embrace these challenges knowing and trusting God is hard at work and knows exactly what He’s doing…just like Jen’s “different plan.”  Wow!

“Count Your Blessings”





  1. Susan Clark Denny

    Hey at least it wasn’t b/c you’re already too far gone! I’m glad that the reason was due to non-MS related history, and that there was a plan B that is working!

    • You got that right! Just wasn’t mentally prepared. Does your ankle roll at all? I have such instability causing the rolls, leading to sprains and eventually fracture. Love our Plan B’s! How’s your new med?

  2. Anticipation… Sadness…..Hope… It sounds still promising… Diane

  3. Oh so hoping this has such benefits for you. Thank you for sharing this important information.

    • Thank you Cath! After my drama, I now can appreciate possible benefits! I still get to drive my PTs crazy! We all have fun with that. How did you make out with your brother-in-law?

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