Lessons Learned Along the Way ~

Everyone has struggles of some kind in life, don’t they?  Some may be obvious, others are not.  Mine happens to be a combination, MS.

Over the years, my journey with MS has provided work opportunities to meet amazing MSers and their families. An opportunity to provide education, encouragement and hope to each and every patient who extended a listening ear.  An opportunity to discover what it takes for me to be the very best I can be.  Through it all, I managed to learn many lessons along the way ~

  • DMD (Disease Modifying Drugs) – I’m a huge proponent once diagnosed to get on therapy and be committed to it!  So many options are available today. Find one that works for you. I’m so grateful that Rebif is the one that works to protect my CNS (Central Nervous System).
  • Communication – MS has taught me the importance of honest, clear conversations with my husband and family. This is not always an easy task, especially when how we’re feeling is not always obvious, but valuable information for our loved ones to understand our current status.
  • Be Flexible – MS is every changing, sometimes each and every day. I learned to be patient with myself, to be prepared and manage these changes,  to have that goodole “Plan B” ready to go and to remember it’s going to be okay.



  • Releasing My Pride – I’m rather independent with a woman hear me roar attitude, but MS has taught me that’s not always a good thing. It’s okay to ask or recognize the need for help. Family and friends want to pitch in any way they can, do whatever they can, lessening my burdens.  After all, when a loved one is diagnosed with a chronic illness, it becomes their diagnosis as well, doesn’t it?
  • Good Days and Bad Days – With MS, the good days are great and the bad days are, well, ugly! MS has taught me not be so hard on myself, rest when needed, do what’s necessary to be optimal remembering this to shall pass.
  • Forget About “Why Me?” – MS has taught me “Why Not Me?” Remembering, there are others who are dealing with worse issues than mine. I’ve been blessed in so many ways. I have a great support team: My God, husband, our boys, family and our four-legged kids!  They encourage and allow me to be who I am and convert my “Why Me?” into “Why Not Me?” as I strive to impact and make a difference to those facing  similar challenges.  God knows what He’s doing!
  • Caretakers – MS has taught me the value of our caretakers needing well-deserved breaks.  The importance to make “me” time.  To be refreshed, revived and do something just for them – because they can and should!  It’s an “all about you” moment!
  • Value of Exercise – Keeper moving to the best of one’s ability. I truly have valued, over the years, what PT has meant to me. From early on, the education and recommendations provided helps me be strong and optimal.

One of the greatest lessons I value and appreciate each and every day is the love and support from my husband.  My everything.  He allows me to have my hissy fits, my melt downs and yes, tolerating my jokes.  We’re a team and together we apply lessons learned while enjoying our time together!

Sometimes we must experience those low points in life in order to learn lessons we wouldn’t have learned any other way ~ unknown

“Count Your Blessings”

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