Survey Says ~ Wednesday

survey says


  1. Catherine.. there is another blogger that I know that has M.S. and gave a link to a web that you may be interested in.. I also gave her a link to you…. Her website I’ll give also..her name is Heidi ..she’s currently going through an exacerbation….Diane

    • You are so sweet, Diane! I just responded to her! We’re all in this together. How are you feeling? You’re appointment is getting closer! 🙂

      • Hi… yes the one appt. is Apr. 16th the other Jun 13th… and I decided to go to my gp next week because I’ve been attributing the extreme weakness I’ve been feeling along with the tiredness to the fact I’m not sleeping well. But the way I’m almost dizzy sitting and feel like all energy is drained from me…I decided to see her. I don’t know if she’ll do anything to be honest but it’s just too much… anyway I’ll let you know if I find out anything..Thanks for asking Diane

  2. Morning Diane…Glad you’re gone to your GP. With any luck, maybe she’ll find a virus, ear issue causing some of your symptoms. I hope she finds something! Your appointment on the 16th will be here before you know it. Thank you for your update and I’ll keep you in my prayers! Enjoy your day! Catherine

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