Hollywood Meets MS, Take Three

Take Three: Iron Man Ventures Continue . . .



Looks like the superhero has won for now. Part of my excitement to try the Lokomat was the assistance this machine could provide despite my deficits – weakness of my right hip, ankle and foot. During treatment last Friday, my foot was “sore” during retraining but I didn’t think much about it. I thought my brace was rubbing on my bone, right below the pinkie toe, but worked through it. By Sunday, my foot was in swollen and contused. I elevated my foot, iced and simply tried to relax – you know the routine.  Seemed to help and I headed back to PT Wednesday.

I am not that superhero…by any stretch…and showed Jen (PT) what was going on before beginning. She was concerned about the current condition of my foot and was “uncomfortable.” I became the sample patient as she had PT’s come and take a peek. Conclusion: No Lokomat, get x-rays to rule out fractures and have my brace checked.  Surprisingly, I didn’t cry!  lol  The pain was great enough to recognize I needed to be smart and listen to Jen’s decision.



Off  to orthotist office to have my brace checked. Everything was fine. They did, however, give me an ankle strap to keep my ankle stable and not slide while doing repetitive walking on Lokomat.  She too agreed with getting x-rays.  Off to Urgent Care. Long story short, x-rays of foot and ankle revealed no fractures. PTL!  Just a good sprain. Rest, ice, compression and elevation.

Called Jen when I arrived home and advised no fractures. I could sense she felt bad that this happened. She commented, “Maybe I was putting too much pressure when assisting your leg to walk?” OR “Maybe, Jen, it’s Gods way of saying this is not an option . . .”  I didn’t want her to feel bad.  It wasn’t her fault.  I tried to reassure her that I appreciated everything she does and her willingness to try new technologies that might help. I have absolutely no regrets!  I’ll return in one week for assessment.

And my beloved…well, he wanted to come home to take me to these appointments. You guessed it, not necessary! The beauty of texting him with updates!  lol  He stopped at the market on the way home and called . . .”guess what I have for you?” “What?”  Just like a kid in a candy store. “Your chocolate chip cookies, fresh strawberries and grapes.” “Yessssss!”  Somehow, that quickly eased my pain!

I love the expression from Focus on the Family, “Turn your mess into a message!” I hope I can do just that!  Enjoy your weekend!

“Count Your Blessings”


  1. Todd

    You are my super hero…

  2. Having a supportive spouse that brings you strawberries and chocolate certainly helps with keeping a great attitude. I hope you heal quickly. The extra pain isn’t helpful to your overall goal.

    • Thank you Heidi! Sounds like you know what pain is all about. Taking one day at a time…hope you’re feeling a little better today. Have a great weekend friend!

    • How are your feeling, Heidi? Hope you’re feeling better each and every day! 🙂

      • I have noticed a small improvement. The pain is lessened and the stiffness is worse, but that puts extra starch in my legs and makes walking a little easier. I will also be taking the first dose of Aubagio today, so here’s hoping that things are on the upswing again.

        How are you doing?

      • Heidi, I tried replying twice but didn’t seem to go through…trying again.

        So grateful you finding improvement and your pain is lessening. I know some stiffness can be of benefit for walking. Finding that balance is the key, isn’t it? Difficult when things can change almost daily. By now, you’ve begun your Aubagio. I pray this will be a good fit for you and things settle down! How’s it going?

        All is good here. Thank you for asking. My foot is on the mend and all set to head back to PT. IronMan is calling my name!

        Enjoy your weekend!

      • Hi Heidi, How are you feeling? How is Aubagio going? Thinking of you! Blessings!

      • Im a week in to the Aubagio with no side effects – so that is great, compared to the previous drugs I tried.

        I’m getting tired of these exacerbations and I hope they resolve soon. They come on quickly and go away so slowly. I’m trying to be patient.

        How is the Iron Man machine working?

      • Great news Heidi! My prayer is for continued success with Aubagio — protecting you preventing exacerbations!!! Hang in there!

        I return to Iron Man next week – dealing with a virus and going no where fast! lol

        Can’t wait to see what next week brings! 🙂

  3. So sorry about your foot… and Heidi’s right… having a supportive husband especially one that brings you your favourite treats does indeed help to alleviate some of the pain… Now you’ve made me want one of mine… a chocolate cheesecake ice cream treat…ummmm! Diane

    • Thank you for your kind words Diane! The goodies are already MIA but I enjoyed them so! lol Your treat sure sounds yummo! What a great treat! Also hope your appt went week last week! C

      • Ummmm I’ve lost track of what appt’s I’ve even had or having ha!…. but I’m going back to my family doctor tomorrow.. My barium swallow is on the 16th and I was going to wait till I’d had it to see her, but the tiredness I’m having is really more than tiredness and I can’t stand it… My whole body feels like every bit of energy is drained and I get weak … fall asleep for a short time… like 1/2 hour and waken dopey and still weak… this happens about 3 times a day … I’m thinking that because of the problem sleeping I’ve been ‘assuming’ it’s to do with that but now I’m questioning whether it’s unrelated… Could you say a prayer that my doctor takes this seriously and at least does some blood tests or something… Thanks… Diane

      • Sorry I missed this Diane, I’m trying to get better here with notifications! You can count on my prayers. Take a list of questions for you family doctor. Your symptoms are indeed valid! If she orders bloodwork, ask if she would take a B12 level. Deficiencies can cause fatigue. Also, Provigil script used for fatigue – my lifesaver or I’d be sleeping most of the day! You’re doing a good job being your own advocate, Diane! Prayers are being sent your way!

  4. You’re a good patient and a good sport. Hope the pain dissipates quickly and you can try again. This whole PT adventure is interesting and I appreciate reading about it!

    • Thank you for your kind words! I’m glad you’re enjoying my PT adventures. I know I’m driving them crazy…lol! They truly know how to handle my peaks and valleys! I appreciate my Jen (PT)!

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