BalanceWear Vest ~ A “Patient Sample”

This weekend, I had the privilege to participate (as a patient sample) in a course designed to train and certify Physical Therapists with a new treatment option, BalanceWear Torso Weighted Vest.  As I shared in a previous post, this vest has the ability to help with a variety of neurologic and orthopedic balance issues. One of the best things about BalanceWear is you’ll know immediately if it will help or not.  Nothing to lose, yet so much to gain!

I was one of five patient samples available to help train the PTs with the necessary assessment protocols: evaluation, testing (balance/walking times) and application of weights onto their vest. Each weight is strategically placed to compensate for assessed balance deficits. I must say, my group did a nice job determining weight placement and were pretty close to the weights placed on my actual vest!

It’s so refreshing to watch and hear the excitement of the PTs in attendance. Their eagerness to learn was evident. I can only imagine the number of patients they will impact for the better!

Cindy Gibson-Horn, PT, Fitting Cindy Gibson-Horn, PT

It’s been nearly ten months now since I’ve had my BalanceWear. Is it effective? You bet! Truly helps me stand tall and feeling firmly planted. I haven’t been up close and personal with the floor for quit some time! Recently, I began to experience, “carry over” effects. In other words, my brain is learning to manage my balance issues. Jen (my PT) shared, “The ‘carry over’ is noted when you remove your BalanceWear and maintain your balance!” Blessings right here!

Some days can be challenging and rather difficult, no doubt.  Isn’t it important to remember we have many options and decisions that just may provide that needed spark of hope?  Trusting He will provide for all our needs!

What works for you?  What provides your spark of hope?

“Count Your Blessings”

For more information about BalanceWear, please visit them at:, and facebook BalanceWear Stabilizing Garment



  1. I can see how this would make life much easier when balance becomes an issue. It is hard to stay upright when you are wobbling like a weeble.. Fortunately, my current balance problem is resolving and walking is becoming easier each day. Great news for you that the vest has helped you so much that it has a carryover effect.

    • Thank you Heidi!
      I am happy you have no balance issues! Pricesless! I

      The last two years have been interesting with many different challenges all the sudden. That’s the unpredictability of MS. I’m so grateful for the vest helping me.

      I can’t wait to get into the flower beds. Without the vest, my husband was fearful he’d come home and find me at the bottom of the hill! – humor is a staple in our home!

      Enjoy your day!

  2. My hope is in the fact my M.S. has not progressed significantly…. and if it does so much is being learned like the vest you mentioned…. Diane

    • True blessings Diane! Its been an interesting couple of years for me but I am forever grateful for advancements! Prayers for you that you get answers tomorrow!

      • Well I have one of the tests… probably no results for a week or so.. I’ve been doing more ‘googling’ again… and short of them finding out the cause of the issue I found where there is a medication that could help.. ‘I’m really an annoyance to the doctors…because I just won’t quit’ … Diane

      • Diane…you’re not an annoyance, you’re a patient allowing them to do their job and educate you! That’s a good thing my advocating friend! You truly are not a quitter and I admire that! 🙂

  3. Hi Cath!
    Thanks for the “like” on my blog. Much appreciated. I just looked at my super long MS resource page and seems that i don’t have your blog listed, although I KNOW that I have visited here before….hhhmmm Maybe an MS moment:) I would LOVE to add it if ok with you. Here is the link

    I look forward to reading more,

    Meg (aka BBH)

    • Thank you for your message. Love the “MS moment” reference. Feel free to add if you’d like. Looking forward to catching up with the blogs! Have fun! Cath

      • Have now added. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

        Meg (aka BBH)

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