Love, It’s a Four-Legged Word ~

Love, it’s a four-legged word!  There’s just something so special when you’re in their presence that make you simply smile and feel happy! I’m sure you feel the same way with your furry kids!

17342_1338017293967_4361301_n (1)Max and Allie are our four-legged kiddos and true blessings! Hard to believe they are the same “breed” Labradoodle, isn’t it? Max is our “Poodle” with a little Lab and Allie is our “Lab” with a twist of Poodle – she sheds like crazy, but we manage with our hair control plan daily!

We rescued our Max from a farm where he was kept in a kennel and used solely for breeding. He became part of our family in 2007 at the age of one. He’s come a long way and finally has been able to feel safe and at ease. He’s a good boy.


We decided (after some convincing from my husband) that Max would enjoy a companion. I was very apprehensive and really couldn’t imagine finding a dog that was as good as Max. We were spoiled. Boy, I was so wrong.

We rescued our Allie two years later at the age of three. She was found rooming the streets of West Virginia and placed into a shelter. With the help from PetFinders, a wonderful transporter brought our new kiddo up north. We were so excited to finally meet her!

Allie on chair

Allie…rather comfortable! 🙂

Hubby, myself and Max proceed outside anticipating her arrival. As the van pulled into the driveway, we saw Allie sitting tall and proud in the passenger seat. I remember mentioning to my husband (who was beaming mind you) “she doesn’t look like 40 pounds” as described on PetFinders. She was actually a little over and now weighs in at a mere 76 pounds of solid love! A little bigger, a little stronger but we love her to pieces!

The love of our dogs is so unconditional, their natural instinct. Talk about accepting – no matter what your day may bring, a dog will look at you like you’re the best ever. It’s okay, not to worry, we’re right here…sharing their never-ending love and kisses. Each day is fully enriched having them by our side!

“Count Your Blessings”


  1. Equipping The Saints

    What a great post! Please keep up the good work.
    Senior Pastor/Equipping the Saints
    Philip 3:10, “That I May Know Him”

    • 🙂 You too! Make it a great day!

  2. 4 legged friends are the best! My yellow lab, Basil, has been my best walking buddy for 9 years now. I do have 4 cats as well and they love to tag along for hikes in the woods. Definite love pours from them!

    • Completely agree Paula. I can picture you walking your Basil with your cats falling in too! Love it!!!

  3. So cool. I thought one of them looked a little like a poodle. Our George is always pleased to see us, and I mean…..always.

    • I complete appreciate the excitement from George, each and every time! 🙂 Instant smiles for all!

  4. Susan Clark Denny

    I loved my dog Buster, but couldn’t keep him when I moved into an apartment. A friend got me a cat, and he (Remy) is definitely part dog when it comes to showing affection and personality! I was gone for a few hours today, and he demanded some snuggle time when I got home! I feel very blessed to have him!

    • Blessings indeed Susan. Nothing beat Remy as your greeting committee upon returning home! He, no doubt, is blessed with you for a Mom!

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