Weebles Wobble

Weebles wabble but they don’t fall down! If you’re from my generation, you most likely remember this catchphrase and children’s toy from the 1970’s. A little tipping, egg-shaped Weeble with a weight located at the bottom. If pushed, this egg would fall and bounce right back into an upright position. If I could only master that skill!



My ankle sprain was finally healed and I was cleared to head back to PT. Upon reassessment, Jen (PT) concurred it was her conservative opinion that we discontinue with the Lokomat. I had mentally prepared myself for this decision following our previous telephone conversation. Regrettably, I agreed. My ankle is very unstable and can’t handle this wonderful machine. I am grateful, however, to Jen for providing me with this opportunity to try to relearn good gait mechanics. Disappointing, yes, but I have no regrets. With this disease, you just never know what will or will not work. Try, try and try all your options!

As we discussed our game plan going forward, Jen asked, “What’s your goal?” “To be honest,” I shared, “I’m not really in a position today to think positively about goals.”  “I’ve been working hard to be optimal for two years now with minimal results.” “I just need to get my head around this and I will!” I tried to smile. Jen proceeded to suggest, “How about we work on balance for now?” “Sounds like a plan.” So we did.

Ditch the Weebles and bring on the new millennium Wii Fit. That’s right, Wii Fit Balance. My boys would be proud! I heard of the Wii console but never imagined I’d be playing.

Wii Soccer

First up, Soccer. Since I played soccer as a kid, I really was excited. The game consisted of simply heading the soccer ball as you played goalie. All this while standing on Wii’s balance board. Oh boy, let the games begin.

As I stepped onto the board, had my spotters to the left and to the right of me, I was ready to go! I sensed my competitive spirit kicking right in! I guess you never lose that. My job was to sway left and right and head the ball to score points. Easy enough, right?

I’m ready to go. Three minutes on the timer. The buzzer sounds and the balls are heading my way. I’m swaying, keeping the ball out of the net, and suddenly, the speed picks up!  The balls are flying my way!  I’m not able to sway fast enough to reach them!  The opposing team begins to throw cleats my way!  What?!?  I’m missing the balls and getting pelted by the cleats!  Buzzzzzzzzzz!  Thank you Lord!  I was done. Longest three minutes I’ve had in a long time. Despite a score of “unbalance,” I didn’t fall. Mission accomplished. At this rate, I can only improve my score…as the games will continue!

No doubt, this has been a tough road for me the last couple of years. I know many have it worse (no matter what we face) than me. Please know I’m not trying to make light of that. I may wabble but I don’t want to fall down.  I will regroup, make my adjustments and continue to be as strong as possible.

One thing is certain, I must remain positive and remember that God has a plan here even when I don’t understand. Sometimes, I really don’t understand or like the direction of His path. Isn’t that where our Faith plays such a critical role? Have your woe is me moments but give it all to Him and know He will see you through. One step, one day at a time.

“Count Your Blessings”

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me ~Philippians 4:13 (NKJV)




  1. I have some friends who use their Wi as part of their fitness routine…..brilliant idea especially for balance. I think they use the skiing one too for that. Hang in there,,,,,good things will come

    • Thank you! I did see the skiing one…let the fun continue! 🙂

  2. My husband has mentioned that I walk a bit like a weeble too. Fortunately I am cautious enough that I don’t fall down. Good news about your ankle – and good luck with making goals.

    • Some days truly are better than others Heidi! I’m grateful you may weeble but don’t fall down! How is your new therapy? Your kind words motivate me. Stay tuned! C

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