On the Road Again…

Our non-stop, jammed packed get away to witness our son and his wife’s baptism was awesome. Our first stop, pick up my in-laws in VA. They live seven hours away from us, depending on the number of pit stops made – I’m sure you get my drift here!

During this visit, we were introduced to their new additions, a stray Momma Cat and her five, four-week old babies. This precious bundle has become a part of their family. When things settle down, Momma Cat will be spayed and they hope she will stay. The vet said she could find the kittens a home…instant smiles right here!

The following morning, we’re on the road again, heading to our Marine son at Camp Lejeune, NC. This leg typically takes six hours. Great conversation and back seat driving tips were provided…just in case Hubby and Dad were interested! They really didn’t expect anything less, did they?

We made it! We proceeded to obtain our clearance to enter base (where they live). Mission, On the Road Again, was complete! Time to kick back, relax and enjoy our visit!

Saturday was a day filled with excitement. We paid a visit to the local farmer’s market as well as an organic market before making our way home to prepare for the evening’s big event…their baptism!

Service was ready to begin. We took our seats and watched intently for their turn. The smiles were a beaming as they entered the pool to be baptized. Afterwords, our son looked out at the congregation and raised his hand with a fist-pump in excitement. His joy was so evident. As you can imagine, tears of happiness filled our eyes.

We headed to their favorite restaurant, Icehouse Waterfront, to celebrate their profession of faith. As the evening was coming to an end, we knew we all would have a good night’s rest!

As we packed our bags and prepared to head home, we felt so blessed to have the opportunity to share in the important events in the lives of our children.  Warms this Mom’s heart. We hugged them tightly, exchanged gentle smiles and headed to the car. We never leave with a good bye, but rather, see you later!  God remains ever faithful and oh so good!

“Count Your Blessings”


  1. Your joy is evident…what a wonderful celebration….
    as an aside many years ago we too took a mama cat in when she was due to have her babies. We made a spot for her in our spare bedroom where we watched the kittens grow and eventually found good homes for all… and kept Mama. We had her spayed but she never wanted to roam outside again… We had her for many years until she was about 15 …. she was so special… Diane

    • Joy indeed Diane! These tender fury balls truly add to our lives in many ways! One special Mama touching your family and providing amazing memories! I sense this from your writing! I’ll keep you posted with their update! 🙂

  2. So beautiful! So glad you are really enjoying Spring and your amazing life! You’re an inspiration in the MS community.

    • Thank you for your kind comment, Cathy! Pushing those happy buttons! 🙂 Enjoy this beautiful day!

  3. Susan Clark Denny

    Thank you for sharing this incredible time with us!

    • Completely incredible time! 🙂

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