Let the Week Begin…

What a beautiful weekend here on the east coast! Perfect weather! Sunny, temps in the 70’s and a wonderful cool breeze. Doesn’t get much better than that!

Oasis MaxMy husband is working on an outside “Oasis” for us to kick back and relax. The best part will be the flower bench area he’s creating. Exciting! I’ll share more when the project is complete. In the meantime I was sporting my BalanceWear Vest working in my flower beds. This vest is such a blessing for me. One tool that helps control my balance issues, allowing me to do what I love and not be fearful of rolling down the hill. Wouldn’t that be a sight? lol! Our day wouldn’t be complete without the supervision from Max and Allie! We just love our four-legged kids!

Let the week begin. First stop, appointment tomorrow with my physical medicine physician, Dr. Paulin.  He will evaluate and discuss treatment options for my toe curl. Looking forward to hear what can be done to straighten this toe. Sure would help with walking, don’t you think?

Oasis AllieI spoke to his nurse, Carol, a few weeks ago who agreed that this issue may be due to my spasticity. “Come on in and we’ll take a look.” Last year, I was treated in their office for significant spasticity of my leg. My joints did not want to bend. I received a Phenol Injection Nerve Block to my calf. Did it relieve my spasticity?  It helped. Most notably, I clearly demonstrated normal heel-toe walking technique. Praise the Lord! Simple pleasures of life. I will explain more about this amazing injection following my appointment.

Options. Choices. Hope. Embracing each and every one while striving to be the very best I can be. Remembering, He’s not done with me yet!

Make it a blessed day!

“Count Your Blessings”


  1. Gorgeous four legged kids!

    • Gotta love them!!! They bring so much joy (most of the time) to our lives, don’t they!?!

  2. jessieefrost

    That’s great to hear about your walking. I hope he injection lasts or you and you get plenty more time to work in the garden!

    • 🙂 Thank you Jessie. I will post shortly about today’s visit. It did go well. Nothing bets the peace and serenity of the garden. Just love it!

  3. Susan Clark Denny

    Love your attitude, GF!

    • Someone is the perfect example for me to follow! 🙂 Hope you had a great weekend with your family!

  4. Hope the toe curl can be fixed easily and painlessly…Warm thoughts sent your way!!!! Love your phrase…”He isn’t finished with me yet.” You are a blessing to the world!!!!

    • Such a nice comment. The appointment went well. I’ll post about that shortly…stay tuned. I thank you friend. So true that “He isn’t finished with US yet.” 🙂

  5. "light and salt"

    That’s my “motto,” to count those blessings! I try to look for the good more than dwell on the bad, and pray more often, as these things will help in growing our faith in the Lord.

    Enjoy those great days on the East coast, goodness knows you deserve them!

    Steve Pejay

  6. Keep up the good work Cath, you are a warrior @ heart-always remember that❤️😃.

    • You are the best GF! Thank you for your words of encouragement! Love the pictures from the MS Mudder! 🙂 Proud moments!

  7. I hope things keep moving in a positive way for you…hope appointment goes well Diane

    • Thank you Diane! Catching up here. Hoping you are finding comfort in with your appointments! 🙂

  8. Spasticity can be so nasty – hope doc can somehow send it on its way! Will be watching for your update.

    • One symptom we would like to “send it on its way” for sure! 🙂 Stay tuned…

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