Wrinkled Toe?

Detour thewrittersallysMy slight detour, due to that spastic, great toe curl, prompted a visit to my physical medicine doctor earlier this week. This nuisance  is quiet frustrating. After all, it’s difficult to walk gracefully with a curled toe, isn’t it?!? Little did I know, my great toe would become my wrinkled toe. Let me share.

So What is Spasticity?

Spasticity is a common symptoms for most MS patients and varies from person to person. It interfers with life and daily activities. You could experience feelings of muscle stiffness, muscles spasms, twitching and like me, digits that contract, bend and are difficult to straighten.  It’s often worse at night or when fatigued. The locations are typically extremities, legs, arms, joints and the lower back. The legs tend to be the most common location.

How is Spasticity Treated?

Since symptoms often vary for patients, it’s extremely important to consult your physician and seek treatment recommendations. There are multiple treatment choices based upon specific needs to help:

o Medications:  Oral, Pump
o Phenol Injection: Specific Motor Nerve Blocker
o Botox Injection: Specific Nerve Blockers
o Physical Therapy and /or Occupational Therapy

Please remember, the above is just a snap shot for the “what is” and “how to” regarding spasticity. There may be additional recommendations, no doubt, that your physician may suggest! Give them a call, you won’t be disappointed!

I arrived at my physicians office for my visit. Following my history, a look at my wonderful great toe, he felt I would benefit from Phenol Injection. My physician then performed a diagnostic block to ensure I would respond to Phenol. I passed and was deemed a good candidate! Happy Dance! I will return to his office in one month for the actual medication.

One problem!  He felt Phenol would be too strong for my great toe. “Defeating” our common goal to straighten my toe. Instead, he’d prefer to use Botox. “Botox?” I asked. “Yes.” “I prefer to try the conservative route initially for a toe.” “Botox?” I asked again with a puzzled look. “Do you mean I have a wrinkled toe?”  He just looked at me, shook his head and smiled. Humor, without it, I’m not sure how I would manage these detours!

A successful visit indeed, wrinkled toe and all. So grateful for the many blessings and options He provides each and every day. Helping me to remain positive, to keep my sense of humor and to manage the detours that are dealt my way. Not always easy but never giving up, reaching for that prize, with Him right by my side!

Enjoy your weekend!

“Count Your Blessings”


  1. Wish you didn’t have to deal with this and hoping it doesn’t spread further than your toe. Love your wrinkled toe comment – MS has not taken your wit!

    • You made me smile with the “wit” comment. Agree with the dealing with all of these detours. I know you can appreciate as my feeling is mutual. Despite these detours, we do know that God has a plan. For that, we strive to be comforted! Enjoy your weekend! 🙂

  2. I absolutely get the frustration with spasticity. I hope the botox does wonders for your toe. Even if it’s no longer able to show expression. 🙂

    My good news is my hands are slowly getting better – I can now hold a pen well enough to write and I’ve been able to start typing normally again this week (as opposed to the one finger punch). I think my strength and stamina is improving in my legs a bit too – I am thinking of buying some forearm crutches to use to get around instead of the unwieldy walker (which makes me feel old before my time – I keep wanting to ask the old ladies that I encounter with their walkers if they want to race).

    • Love your attitude! I think you should ask the older ladies for a race! You’ll make their day!

      So happy to hear you are getting better. Do you have exercises for your hands? Massage them at all? You may want to investigate the “strong arm” cane to see if this might be of help. It does a nice job supporting the forearm, requiring less energy, while walking. I’m glad my neuro recommended!

      Keep up the great work and I pray for continued improvement each and every day! Enjoy your weekend!

      • My OT had given me a series of exercises for my hands – and I have theraputty that I use to do the exercises. It has helped strengthen them quite a bit. I had never heard of the strong arm cane before – I looked it up just now. I have already ordered a pair of the forearm crutches. I’ll have to make a PT appointment to learn how to use them, but I hope they help.

      • Glad you had good results with your putty! Now onto PT for your crutches! You’ll be doing all kinds of great things real soon! 🙂

  3. You have a great heart! ❤

    • Your comment is sweet! Have a great weekend! 🙂

  4. Never give up, keep on fighting-wrinkly toe & all👍

    • We’re in this together, wrinkled toe and all GF! Thank you for the phone call the other day! Enjoy the weekend!

  5. With botox in your toe… you’ll have the youngest toe around for a long time…..You may get old but your toe will not… Sorry for making fun of something that must be a real pain …. Diane

    • Love your comment Diane! A pain yes, but will become my “youngest toe!” Humor is a blessing, isn’t it!

      • Thanks for taking a remark that perhaps could have sounded less than sympathetic…with grace… Diane

      • Didn’t think twice about it, Diane, as the message was coming from you! Sleep tight!

  6. "light and salt"

    Glad to hear you are a “fighter!” And, while the doctors and medicine are great, it helps to have the Great Physician in your corner as well! Happy this treatment works for you. Just keep each day and find the goodness in it. Toss behind you any bad stuff!!

    Steve 🙂

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