Tinkering in Our Oasis

We were greeted this weekend with more beautiful weather! Couldn’t wait to get outside and enjoy the fresh air, beautiful sunshine and to see the progress my husband was making with our new oasis. His goal for the weekend:  my work area and new flower bed.

I was so excited for this stage of construction. The flower beds are my favorite place to be. I’ve inherited this love from my dear mother! During this time of the year, if you can’t find me, you know where to look…out in the dirt somewhere and enjoy every moment! Simple pleasures of life, isn’t it?


Completely hydrated, sporting my BalanceWear vest to help me stay stable with controlled balance and my lovely hat…no fashion statements here, I was all set to get to work and enjoy my spanking brand new flower box. He also created a wonderful “tinkering” space complete with faucets and a bucket conveniently holding a hose, all right in front of the flower bed! Did I mention I was so excited?!? My husband knows exactly how to make me happy! A gift made with love. God has truly blessed me with this man!

Joyfully, I’m a planting and smiling away when I tried to get up. One more time now, you can do this! My smiles quickly disappeared and were replaced with frustration and impatience with myself. How quickly I forgot what HEAT often means while managing MS.

Max in the shade watching over his Mom

Max in the shade watching his Mom

Heat completely changes the way our nerve impulses function. It may create a short-circuit if you will. You’ll feel fine one minute and without warning, it’s all over. I could hardly move.  My legs were gone.  I was not a happy camper at all! I wanted to enjoy the flower bed he created for me.  My husband came to the rescue. He “dragged” my rag doll self out of the flower bed, taking me inside to the air-conditioning.  My work in the garden was done for the day.  Let the cool down begin!

So what was my take away here? Be smart! Do I manage my outdoor activities perfectly? Absolutely not. I tend to overdo things and have to remember to recognize my body’s limitation and pace myself.  To work outdoors when it’s cooler, in the morning or as the even approaches.  Make sure my husband is home to help me if needed. After all, I know he loves when I can provide his work out for the day !

Stay cool and make it a great day!

“Count Your Blessings”


  1. Hi Cath I’m so sorry to hear about what happened-it’s so frustrating. Your flower garden is beautiful & I’m sure you’ve only just begun. I’m sorry I haven’t called you back, we move July 1st-speaking of heat😠. Keep up the good work, your an inspiration to us all❤️.

    • The heat is brutal!!! Call when things settle down and your move is complete! Exciting! Be well Chris! ❤

  2. Susan Clark Denny

    I’m right there with you, GF! It is frustrating when it hit unexpectedly, though. I recently told my son that I am aware that he pays for it when I overdo it.

    • It’s that Type A wrapped waaaay too tight! We can’t help ourselves with overdoing! Stay cool GF and talk real soon! Love ya!

  3. Temperatures can be deceiving and all of a sudden it’s too late. Been there. Keep your cell phone with you.

    • Great tip! Everything but the kitchen sink! lol 🙂

  4. Your flower bed looks so beautiful and the working area too…. Glad you got inside okay though….

    I relate as most with M.S. do I guess… I was out too doing some de-weeding and took a couple of breaks for drinks and sitting in the shade..had my cooling neck collar on..but couldn’t quite finish what I wanted.. I thought I could will myself to do the last little bit…but gave in finally.. or my body did I should say… When the summer comes it’s so tempting to just get out and do whatever…. Diane

    • Completely agree Diane. The beginning of a new season, complete with heat and humidity, time to make adjustments and pace ourselves. That’s always the hard part, isn’t it? We want to do just one more thing, work in one more bed and our bodies have a way telling us otherwise. I shared with hubby, “God sure does have a funny way of bring me to my knees…literally.” 🙂
      Pacing ourselves while doing what we enjoy! Have a great day Diane!

  5. Sandy Pleasants

    Wow sister! Beautiful. You and hubby did a wonderful job. Take it easy… cell phone is a good idea

    • Can’t wait for you to see it! You’ll love it! Cell phone = don’t leave home without it! 🙂 Love you!

  6. I love your new workspace – we are lucky when we have a spouse who understands our wants and needs so well. My happiness at the end of cold damp weather and starting to feel well again has also been tempered by the addition of hot, humid weather. It is just as bad as the cold and damp.

    I was able to get out and participate (read, watch) in the planting of our vegetable garden and help plant some pots by taking our riding lawn mower out and around the farm. Turns out it’s not only handy for mobility, but it’s kind of fun, too! When the heat got to be too much, I was able to drive it right into the garage and climb off using my cane, which I kept right at my feet as I drove around.

    • Couldn’t agree with you more Heidi! So glad beginning to feel better. Pace yourself with this weather. Sounds like you have a great plan with your riding mower…coming through! 🙂 The ability to be able to find what works and enjoy each and every day…priceless! Have fun and make it a great day!

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