One Amazing Spice: Turmeric

Recently, the topic of turmeric and it’s benefits for all kinds of medical issues and overall good health was brought to my attention. Mind you, from three different sources.  I was intrigued! Let the investigating begin…

First, Tabatha at highlighted a wonderful juice to jump-start the day which included turmeric root. Simply peel and use for juicing or smoothies. Be prepared, this is a very difficult root to find. Then, a good friend of mine manages her aches and joint pains with turmeric. For her, she supplements with curcumin, a strong pigment found in turmeric. Finally, a physician at provided wonderful research and information regarding the potential value of turmeric for many conditions.

Benefits of Turmeric

Benefits of Turmeric

One amazing spice loaded with powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidants all reportedly shown to help fight and protect so many conditions and concerns.  Take a look at this list.  Amazing!

Of interest, researchers at Vanderbilt University’s preliminary study in mice suggest that curcumin may block the progression of MS. These same researchers (Natarajan and Bright) believe curcumin may interrupt the production of proteins that play a key role in destruction of myelin.

When googled, you’ll find a vast amount of information regarding the many benefits of turmeric and the powerful yellow-orange substance found within, curcumin. With all the documented benefits, I felt the need to try. My neurologist concurred. I have nothing to lose, yet so much to gain.

What’s your opinion? Do you think you might try turmeric?

This post is strictly my personal opinion and information I gathered to share. Like me, it’s important to speak with your doctor first and seek permission to add turmeric to your daily regimen.

“Count Your Blessings”




  1. Turmeric is an amazing anti-inflammatory and healing herb / spice. Look in Asian and Indian Markets for the fresh root. Thanks for the wicked nice chart! Blessings, Paula

    • Thank you for the tip Paula! This spice sure is jammed with benefits! Enjoy your evening and classes coming up! 🙂

  2. I’d be willing to try for several of the conditions it is supposed to help with…I followed your link but had to search a bit to find the tumeric blog…. but noticed he said that you can get tumeric powder and add to food… so I will look for some and try to see what foods to add it to etc…. Diane

    • Sounds like a plan! I tried the powder in my smoothie – it didn’t sit well with me. I take a supplement that I purchased through myhealth-store. Affordable option to try to see if it helps! Love it! Hope your sleeping is getting better! 🙂

      • am sleeping better… The new medication seems to help keep the problem at bay during the night…’most times’. Still waiting for results of test a week ago..won’t get till middle of July.. thanks for asking

        I’ll have to be cautious re the tumeric if it didn’t sit well with you because of my ‘gastro’ issues… Diane

  3. Yes, I keep hearing amazing things about this spice Turmeric…We plan to try it too!!!! Love, hugs and blessings to you and yours!!!!

    • 🙂 Amazing, isn’t it? Love, hugs and blessings to you and yours as well! Have a great day!

  4. I’ve heard the same from multiple sources. I haven’t figured out a way to ingest it in high doses though.

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