God-Given Gifts…

God-given gifts. We all have them, don’t we? Sometimes, I find myself using these gifts each and every day without paying attention or realizing the impact they have on others. The beauty of my husband’s willingness to remind me. This weekend was such a wonderful example as I reached out to one special family.

The benefits of social media. It really can be very helpful. I received a facebook message from a dear friend I met while our boys (okay, young men) were attending college and playing football at Liberty University. Just like our boys, we developed a wonderful friendship that we treasure today.

This message was different though. She shared that her daughter, in her 20’s, has just been diagnosed with MS. As you can imagine, this was such an overwhelming time filled with so many questions, fears and concerns. What does this all mean? Will my daughter be okay? What can I do as her mother?

I instantly shifted gears into the mode of caregiver. First thought, what can I do to help defuse this situation? Just listen. Let them talk, cry and ask any questions they might have.Talking about these feelings are necessary and appropriate. Allow yourself to process everything then do what needs to be done. Second, who could I reach out to for additional support? While working as a MSLifeLines Ambassador, I had the pleasure of getting to know some of the younger MSers. I immediately sent out messages to seek their help. They were more than happy to do so! The many blessings the Lord continues to provide!


As we talked about options for managing MS, we quickly found ourselves shouting with joy as Mom talked about the MS Neurologist treating her daughter…my former doctor! I couldn’t believe it! A couple of years ago, he took a position at the University of Virginia and now is treating her daughter!!! So excited! “You confirmed we were doing what needs to be done and we are seeing a good doctor.” “This Momma is smiling!” I completely agreed when she commented, “God brought us together years ago for many reasons and today He’s blessing us again with each other!” “Just what I needed.” Okay, pass the tissues right here!

Coincidence? I don’t think so. God is always hard at work even when we don’t recognize. He has given us many unique gifts, talents and abilities to help others. Nothing brings me greater joy than to reach out and share what I know, to do what I can to lessen ones trial and pain and to provide a sense of it’s going to be okay!  Remember, you have the love and support from God, your family and friends always!    Education ~ Inspiration ~ Hope   God’s counting on me to put His gifts to work. I won’t disappoint.

Take a moment to think about your gifts. What great things can you easily do? Reach out and touch those in need with these gifts! You just might be surprised with the impact you have on others just by being you!

Make it a great day!

“Count Your Blessings”


  1. Susan Clark Denny

    Amen Amen Amen! It is so exciting too see how He works in the smallest details! Thank you, Jesus! And thank you, Catherine, for telling us about it!

    • He’s always hard at work GF! I know you use the gifts He gave you to touch lives, that includes me! 🙂

  2. Brenda

    God is good, all the time!! You are such a blessing to many people! I see God use you in many ways! I am so happy he placed us in the same homeroom in 7th grade!!!! He had a plan, way back then! It is always a joy to look back and see how he orchestrates everything. We don’t see it when we are going through trials, but he has a plan. He uses you, Cathy, everyday!!!! Thank you so much for blessing so many people!!!

    • God is good, all the time! I feel the need to clap and sing with my girlfriend since the 7th grade!!! Your comments warmed my heart Bren. I know we can say with confidence that God is smiling stating well done my good and faithful servants! For that, we can smile and rejoyce! Love you girl!!!

      • I’ve pictured God as many things but never as the director of an orchestra, which is what your comment led me to. What an awesome image of how He causes all things to work together for good. Our playing alone doesn’t sound like much, but when he connects all our parts together and determines the music the timing and the volume, the end result of the church under His leadership is beautiful. Thank you to both Catherine and Brenda for giving me this awesome picture to start my day with!

      • Just as He “orchestrated,” painting that perfect picture just for you! Keep up the great work and know your gifts are truly a blessing to many! 🙂

  3. God’s great network in action!

  4. Awesome post Catherine. Your humble and joyful way of sharing how God used you shows how much you love Him and His people.

    • Amen to that! He’s always hard at work, even when we don’t always see that…some days I’d truly wish he’d hurry! Hugs sent your way!

  5. Oh Catherine, so happy to read this post today. I was struggling with my blog and my mission to bring a smile and laughter to caregivers. I was feeling ‘tapped out’, and then I read your blog. I know I’m supposed to be doing this and will sit quietly and pray for guidance. See…..no coincidences. Have a wonderful day, and thank you. I will keep your friend’s daughter in my prayers.

    • Thank you for your kind message and post Cath. I know they would appreciate the prayers. One day at a time! You truly are gifted with your humor and always make us smile – patients and the priceless role of our caregivers!!! You have a great idea with quieting yourself and praying for guidance…He will give you the words to use. Can’t wait for your next post. Have a great day Cathy!

  6. What a “gift” you were to them Catherine! Making the world a better place for all of us!

    • You are so sweet Paula. We all are blessed with gifts to make the world a better place, just by caring. I know you touch the lives of many with your special gifts! 🙂

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