Dog Days of Summer…

Time to rise and shine and let the week begin. It was an interesting Monday. I grabbed a cup of coffee, took the puppers out and watered the flowers. We headed back inside to begin my “to do list” before the heat arrived. My typical start for the day, or so I thought!

How quickly plans changed. I always turn the air down in the morning and…nothing! I set the temp a little lower and…nothing! grabbed my glasses to make sure I’m pushing the right buttons (just in case) and I did. Now, a panic text to my Dog bloghusband who immediately called for service. “They’ll be out this afternoon, early evening.” Perfect! I’ll be waiting!

It’s now 5 pm, no sign of the service team. My husband pulls in the drive. At this point, I’ve employed all possible measures to remain “cool” while I waiting for the service team. For MSers, we know and value the importance of keeping our bodies cool. I had the fans on, drinking lots of iced water, and had my frozen wash cloths to blot as needed – so refreshing when they begin to thaw.

My husband called the service people and they “had many calls today and would get to us soon.” Humidity was expected to kick in today and with our luck, they wouldn’t have the parts necessary to repair. Needless to say, my husband went out and purchased a portable air conditioner just in case. My life saver.

They finally arrived in the early evening and were able to fix the air conditioner. A great big “Praise the Lord” right here! We know how blessed we are to have air conditioning. We also know that some do not and pray for them during these difficult, dog days of summer and help where we can.

As your day begins, remember to take steps to remain cool. Lots of water, find an air-conditioned area to be refreshed, cool showers and maybe have some fun splashing in a pool! Just a handful of options to beat the heat while enjoying your day!

Be well friend!

“Count Your Blessings”


  1. one of the best weapons in my battle to stay cool is a cooling scarf. It is a cotton scarf filled with water absorbing crystals which cools your body by evaporation. Check out their web site:

    • Thank you for the recommendation. This look great!!! Beats the cooling vest, doesn’t it! I can’t get my head wrapped around wearing a vest during the heat of summer – that’s just me. I still think hot. hot, hot! Ordering these today! 🙂 Thank you GF! 🙂

  2. Thank goodness you’ve got air! I just did a good deed weeding at church and came home to cool down. It is hot and humid and really hard to be outside. Take care and stay cool.

    • Good for your to help out! Let the cool down begin! Nothing beats the air when it’s truly hot and humid! Thank you for stopping by and stay cool too! 🙂

  3. Right now it’s winter in Aussie Land Cathrine and that causes many aches and pains but God gave me a Balm through a friend, it maybe not for everyone but it has and does relieve my pain and also has healed me permanently a few times in the past and others too. I’m no longer going to be a Quadriplegic but mostly it’s for pain relief as I and others have found and we give thanks to God for this wonderful tool and blessing, I will leave the link for you…..

    God’s Balm –

    Christian Love – Anne

    • Thank you for sharing “God’s Balm” Anne. You are an inspiration! 🙂


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