The Importance of “Me” Time

It’s a crazy, busy life we lives today and the one thing I don’t always recognize is the importance of “me” time. The never-ending daily responsibilities tend to prevail: spouse, family, puppers, meals and activities. I love my life and wouldn’t change one thing.

Before my blog break, I did recognize the need for “me” time and throw my schedule into reverse.  An opportunity to sort, regroup and take on the demanding schedule of appointments ahead. My MS was giving me all it had to give, literally consuming my thoughts and every ounce of energy available (in between naps mind you). 🙂

Yellow coneflowerMy gait was worsening. I became very conscious about venturing out and about and pacing my activities at home. I was getting better at knowing when to say when. Is that telling or what? Symptoms quite familiar to me – spasticity, balance and drop foot were ever-present.

I couldn’t help to think what is the Lord trying to tell me? What does He want for me to do? Once again I cried out, could we pick up the pace a little Lord and make your direction clear to me please?

Let the appointments begin. My MS Neuro discussed different DMD options we could try. I certainly was not in the midst of a relapse and have been doing well on my current DMD for many years.  My MRIs of the brain and spine have remained unchanged. We listened, asked plenty of questions and left his office to return in one month to discuss further.

In the meantime, with mixed feelings, we went to order a scooter. That’s right, I’ll be running down the sidewalk with the cool breeze blowing through my hair – minus the peppermint patty! Smart reality allowing me the ability to get out and do what we love together.

Next stop, a visit to my physiatrist. He manages my spasticity with injections to specific nerves to lessen spasms. Depending on spasticity levels, he’ll use Phenol or Botox. Certainly not a painless procedure but well worth the outcome.

One tool that remains priceless for me is my balance vest. I can’t say enough about the confidence and security this vest provides for me (see previous posts on BalanceWear). I’ve become quite the fashionista sporting beautiful, altered pins from a gifted artist at our local farmers market.

As the journey continues, I’ve come to recognize and value the importance of taking “me” time to sort and process, to regroup and renew, allowing myself to be refreshed and ready to take on each and every day with confidence and a smile. Remembering, God’s not done with me yet!

Enjoy your day and make that difference in all you do!

“Count Your Blessings”



  1. ME time is so important Catherine and so hard for us, as women, to dish out to ourselves!

    Sending you hugs and reiki energy! ❤ Paula

    • Completely agree with you Paula! Type A wrapped way too tight! Thank you for your support always! Hugs right back your way! Catherine

  2. Cath it was so nice to see your blog up & running again. I promise I will give you a call this week, I want to catch up. Keep up the hard work, your an Angel & inspiration to a lot of us😘

    • Talk about crazy life and schedules for sure Chris! Get the kiddos settled with school and and situated in your new home…we’re always a phone call away! 🙂

      • Yes I definately will call you, I’m going to PT tomorrow, ugh!

      • You’ll do great! They’ll give you good tools to help you be the best you can be Chris! Bryn Mawr has MS PTs. Pace yourself GF! Good things to come! 🙂

  3. Your life is still in the ‘busy’ stage… mine is in the ‘do what you need to do… but when you want to do it’… So you’re very wise to monitor when you need the ‘me’ time… Diane

    • I thought the “busy” stage would be less with the good ol’ empty nest…lol! Thank you for your kind words always Diane! Your attitude is also smart…allowing time for your beautiful paintings! Enjoy friend!

  4. Susan Clark Denny

    I’ll call you tomorrow GF!

  5. That scooter will make the world of difference I am sure. I agree about the me time.

    • Thank you for your encouragement! I completely appreciate the need for me time while raising your kiddos! Not always easy to find, is it! Enjoy your day! 🙂

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