Wahls Paleo Venture, Take 2

Like most diagnosed with MS, the course of modern-day treatment involves the use of disease modifying drugs (DMDs).  While there is no cure, there are certainly many options (11) available to slow and/or halt MS in its tracks.

Some may find themselves facing and managing symptoms resulting from the Many Surprises MS often brings.  Some may not.  MS affects each and every one of us differently!  With each symptom, you also have a vast array of prescription treatments too.

It’s been 14 years now since being diagnosed.  I went from taking no meds to feeling like a human drug store.  I never was a fan of this idea at all, however, I knew I was doing what needed to be done to fight my MS…and it’s a battle each and every day!

Enter The Wahls Protocol.  This three-level diet created, by Dr. Terry Wahls (MS patient herself), reveals the importance and value of healing the body using real food.  Her book is jam-packed with personal research, nutritional details and finally a road map for healing with food.  I highly recommend you listen to her Ted Talk video:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KLjgBLwH3Wc  and take a peek at her book.  You won’t be disappointed!

So what am I doing while following the Wahls Protocol?  Let me share:

Level Two – Wahls Paleo

The Good –

    • Three cups of leafy greens, daily
    • Three cups of brightly colored veggies and fruits, daily
    • Three cups of sulfur-rich veggies, daily
    • Nutritional yeast, algae and seaweed, daily
    • Photo Charles M Schultz

      Photo Charles M Schultz

      Grass-fed meats, daily

    • Wild-caught seafood, weekly
    • Organ meats, weekly
    • Soaked, Fermented Foods, daily

The Bad – Eliminate

    • No gluten
    • No dairy
    • No sugar
    • No eggs
    • Few, if any, legumes

The Ugly –

    • I’m striving (and this is the hard part) to get rid of my mental block and eat more seafood and organ meats…let the gag reflux subside! This is a process but one I’ll overcome.  For now, I’m topping these gems with plenty of organic, homemade spaghetti sauce!

Restricted, no doubt!  Everything I’ve read so far points to the destruction I’ve contributed to my body with poor food choices.  Is it worth it?  I believe so.  Improvement, healing efforts, could begin within the first month to one year.

Have I noticed results to date?  Yes.

    • I have energy again! I don’t have the urgent need to take a nap several times a day.  You know what this may mean…ditching my Provigil soon.  One drug down!  Woot!!!
    • Cravings for foods I loved are gone: pizza, ice cream and chocolate!  This was both shocking and huge!!!

Have I intrigued your interest in the power of healing through food?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

 “Count Your Blessings”













  1. T

    That is amazing, I am thinking I may find that book! thanks!

    • I completely agree T! I purchased mine from Amazon and read the information over and over again! Healing with food…for many issues! 🙂 Certainly a very healthy approach. Glad you enjoyed!

  2. So glad you are noticing a difference! And it will get easier to eat healing foods. I don’t even crave or want many of the foods that I used to like. These days I crave avocado and peppers 😀 Keep it up, it’s worth it

    • Thank you for your encouragement! Amazing how the cravings have shifted! I’m glad you’re having success as well! Enjoy your day!

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