Procrastination ~ A Work in Process

Procrastination.  An overwhelming feeling that sudden takes right over when you think you still have plenty of time to complete your tasks.  Some are blessed with such a gift, being able to wait until the last-minute and put it all together effortlessly.  Me, well, I’m still  hoping I’ll get better at that…lol!  I believe I’m cooked at a mere 50 something!

So what tasks are pressing right now you ask?  My in-laws, son and his wife are arriving the next couple of days.  We’re heading to Cape May, NJ, for the MS City to Shore Bike Ride and family reunion with cousins later in the week.  Needless to say, so much to do, still!

My friendly reminder lists are every where, our home needs some major tidying with stuff scattered throughout and the never-ending dilemma…food!  What to make, what to bring, hope they like this or maybe I should make that…running out of time!!!

If you’re anything like me, I try to pace my day to avoid complete exhaustion.  Prioritizing my work.  I sometimes feel my ship is sinking fast.  Do you ever find yourself so busy sometimes it’s easy to bypass to dishes in the sink – I’ll get to the later.  The dining room table has become the dumping area – I’ll go through that tonight.  The never-ending laundry (with just the two of us) that my husband started before heading to work is calling my name – I need to run the cycle again and fold this evening when I have more time.  Really?

Does this battle sound familiar?  Solutions possibly saving time while you try to do it all?  I typically come up short.  The good new is this, fear not, you can tackle tomorrow what you didn’t get done today.  Not a fan of this concept but a reality for me!

So how can the good ol procrastination be improved?  Routines.  They make me feel a sense of peace, relief and accomplishment!  Oh yeah!  Make the bed in the morning as soon as I get up, tidy our living spaces – kitchen, living room, bathrooms and establish weekly routines for remaining to dos.  By doing so, I will definitely have better success with additional activities added to schedules…like preparing for family visits and trips!

Life can be rather hectic and crazy at times.  Remember to have routines in place, strive to avoid additional stress and enjoy the activities that you love along the way!

Are you a procrastinator?  What do you procrastinate about the most?  Do you have successful solutions?

“Count Your Blessings”


  1. Susan Clark Denny

    Procrastination – I’m REALLY good at it! Learned in college that a twelve page paper, even if you have done all the research, takes more than an all-night-er to write. Lists have been my saving grace since I was a teen, complete with the estimated time each task might take to complete, so I know if I’ve procrastinated too long already! The MS has taught me in recent years to double or triple the estimated time for each task, as I have to include the resting time between each. Then, as the exhaustion totally overcomes me, I strike things off the list so I don’t hold myself to unreasonable standards. I work on accepting that “less than perfect” is what the MS demands, and I hate it! Love you, girl, and be gentle with yourself, and your expectations! It’s about hugs anyway, and if you’ve brushed your teeth and showered in the past 3 days, you’re good to go!

    • Your words are always so kind GF! You’re spot on with managing the unpredictability of MS. Lessons learned, reasonable expectations established and being okay with “less than perfect.” Whew! Sure does take some pressure off of us! We’ll talk soon after family leaves! Be well friend! Love ya! 🙂

  2. Jill

    So true GF! I’m right there with you. Budgeting my time into manageable segments has never been my strength. Given too much time I will literally hang myself. I always seem to try & fit it all in in the remaining time I have left. Which is NEVER enough time to get it all accomplished. Of course this only escalates as I age as my body at 61 quite simply can’t do what it did in my 40s & 50s!

    • That never ending list! Really do push ourselves to get’r done, sometimes! Pacing yourself and enjoying every day, that my GF!

  3. With just my husband and I it is so easy to let things go longer than maybe we should, but we decided it’s okay.. However I do then get flustered when company is expected because I’m not used to ‘having’ to have a time-table or make extra decisions about what to have for dinner etc etc….. But I guess that’s how it will be… After all we don’t get that much company .. that often… Diane

    • I can appreciate you being flustered and everything that goes along with entertaining our guests! I like your idea idea of minimizing your time table and know that a okay! How peaceful is that!?!

  4. Honey you are not cooked at 50! You are approaching perfection and there is still desert to come! hahaha we all procrastinate, it’s in our nature, but the important stuff always gets done. Great post.

    • Your positive spirit and comments cracked me up and warmed my heart! Enjoy your day friend! 🙂

  5. Hi Cath, of all your blogs this one is my favorite! Oh so True!!!
    Everything you said, Ido! I don’t mind doing laundry I hate putting it away & I have 2 teenagers that are very content to live out of baskets. It eventually gets done but not nearly as fast as I’m sure everyone would like. I hope you have a wonderful weekend, the City to Shore is so emotional & touching. I cry the minute I get there because it’s so touching all the people that come out to help raise money! Love ya girlfriend & let’s please catch up soon😘

    • Feelings are quite mutual Chris! We had a wonderful time. Hope you’re settling in nicely! 🙂 Feel free to call when things settle down!

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