One Amazing Day ~ MS City to Shore Ride

We’re home from our family reunion in Cape May, New Jersey.  We enjoyed great conversation, laughter and time together in a 1860 beautiful home in the historic district.  Time flew by very quickly.  The porch became the central location for gathering complete with plenty of seating and pumpkins abound.  We even celebrated our Marine son’s 25th birthday right there!  The simple pleasures of life!  Family!

On Saturday, we made our way to Ocean City, New Jersey, to support and cheer the 8,000 cyclist (is that amazing or what?!?) crossing the finish line at the MS City to Shore Bike Ride.  I can’t even begin to describe the overwhelming feeling of sincere thanks and gratitude felt for each and every cyclists.  Some ride for the sport, many for a loved one and friends.  You’ll even find special friends volunteering at the route rest stops along the way…that’s were my friend was…her theme this year, “We Rock So You Can Roll” as she quickly handed cyclists water while they passed through.  That’s my girl!

Bob and Me

Bob and Me

We clapped and thanked each cyclists who passed through for riding.  We watched four young ladies great and fist-pump cyclist as they finished day one.  There was a gentleman who beamed with excitement at he shared, “64 years old and going strong!”  Tears of joy filled my eyes when my husband spotted a friend who has been riding this race for 27 years now.  I’m riding “with you in mind.” Pass the tissues please!   Heart-felt, genuine acts of kindness and the desire to help others were everywhere.  As my husband’s Aunt and Uncle said, “This experience gave them faith in humanity again.”  How refreshing!

Lan Yin Tsai, 91, and cyclist friend

Lan Yin Tsai, 91, and cyclist friend

I’d be remiss if I didn’t share an inspiring woman, Lan Yin Tsai, age 91.  What?!?  For over 20 years, you would find her peddling a one-speed bike, wearing a skirt and high heels, purse in her wire basket, the entire 150 miles for MS research. One true inspiration always with a beautiful smile!  Take a peek at the youtube video below (a few years old) and be inspired too!

As we headed back to Cape May and gathered on our welcoming porch, smiling as we reminisced about our wonderful day and the goodness freely demonstrated by others. God remains oh so good!

Make it a great day!

“Count Your Blessings”



  1. Jill

    Hey GF! As I have always said, “You put a face on MS for me”. It is such a pleasure to work a rest stop & meet all the MSers & their families also working at a stop. I always try to pass on whatever words of wisdoms you have shared with me to them. I love it & you my friend! Barb wore the bracelet you gave her to remind her of you & why she is riding. I pray they would find a cure soon & that one day the world would be rid of MS forever😊. Hugs, jill

    • Hugs right back to you my dear friend! Your comment about Barb warmed my heart and made me smile! Words can’t begin to describe how much your friendship and hard work inspire and help me be the very best I can be! My priceless gift! Enjoy the shore! Love to you and Barb!

  2. What a cyclist she is… skirt, heels and purse.. She is an amazing lady! Diane

    • Can you imagine Diane! Amazing indeed! Love her smile! 🙂

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