Live Cams…Instant Smiles!

Last weeks Survey Says ~ Wednesday, Do you enjoy “Live Cams” featuring? poll revealed Wild Life as the number one topic.  Cats, Dogs, Under the Sea, and Live Cams?? (what is that) were all evenly represented.

This survey was inspired by Explore, a webpage offering live cams for almost every topic of interest.  My husband thinks I’m obsessed with this page…he’s right!  My personal choice is Warrior Canine Connection. This cam follows nine beautiful lab puppies from their birth, their daily ventures (plenty of them) and their training to become therapeutic service dogs for wounded soldiers.  As you can imagine, lots of smiles watching the puppies grow, play and ultimately leave to begin training!  Obsessed?  Absolutely…lol!  🙂

Check out Explore ( and find your topic(s) of interest and see if you too become obsessed with your favorites.  You just might find yourself smiling!

Enjoy your day!

“Count Your Blessings”


  1. I love live cams! Reality for hire!

    • 🙂 I’m still trying to convince my husband that we need to fill the volunteer needs to socialize the puppies. Imagine, he doesn’t see the value in driving four hours to do so…lol!

  2. Thank you Catherine, I loved them, how wonderful it is that they are able to train these dogs to help humans. God’s animal Creation is so amazing, everyday I give thanks in my heart for our M and M’s, Monty and Mo-Joe,

    Christian Love Always -Anne

    • Amen to that! Great big thanks to Him for our beloved animals who provide daily joy! Blessings, Catherine

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