Hot Topics – Stem Cell Trial for MS

I was reading this weekend results from a Phase II Clinical Trial regarding Stem Cell Transplantation Effective for Severe Multiple Sclerosis.  Many researchers are excited about the potential use of stem cells to repair and/or correct damaged nerves/demyelination.  

MS HopeWhat leaves me hopeful are the ongoing trials for progressing MS; namely, SPMS (Secondary Progressive MS). I believe researchers are in a race to discover treatments as soon as possible. Afterall, RRMS (Relapsing Remitting MS) treatment options are plentiful (12) – injectables, oral and infusions.  The pharma who develops the first treatment for SPMS will be “in the money” so to speak.  For MSers, that certainly can be to our advantage.

Advancements, Hope for the future…God remains oh so good!   

Phase II Clinical Trial Shows Stem Cell Transplantation Effective For Severe Multiple Sclerosis Treatment



  1. Jill Wismer

    Exciting study. I see it was conducted in Texas any chance of one here? Correct me if I’m wrong I’m tired, but does this just halt the progression? Or does it help restore myelin & nerve damage? Thanks for sharing GF. Hitting the hay. Be praying for PT tomorrow! Love you!

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    • Good news indeed…you are indeed correct Jill. Stem Cells seem (through various trials here in the states and use abroad) to help halt and repair damage, especially if patients fail to respond to typical course of DMDs. So many different “types” of stem cells. As with MS, each patient responds differently with stem cells and levels of repair. Promising options in that pipeline! No PT today…icy road this morning, imagine that! Thank you for your never-ending love and support GF! ❤

  2. Good news. I need to know more about this.

    • Good news indeed! Many different trials are ongoing both here and in the states. Stem cells (from various forms) have been used abroad with reported success with progressing patients. A good source to check is and search for topics of interest. The pipeline is packed with all kinds of possibilities, including orals. It is my hope and prayer that a discovery will soon be made for this debilitating disease providing hope for many! Thank you for asking. I hope my response was helpful! 🙂 Enjoy your day!

      • Thank you for the information.

      • You are welcome! Please feel free to ask any questions, any time. I’d be happy to answer or reach out for the answer! Enjoy your day!

  3. thanks Cath! At a recent course for MS nurses I heard that they have been getting really good results for some people with MS with 2ndary progressive MS in stem cell trials in London. they didn’t need any more patients for the trial, unfortunately, but sooooo exciting!!

    • Thank you for your comment Miranda! Great news for sure! From everything I’ve read and spoke to, truly looks and sounds promising! That pipeline is jammed! Enjoy your day and be well!

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