One Special Friend

Sometimes in life you’re truly blessed to have special people who come into your life. They have an amazing way of understanding the daily battles of MS while providing their gift of humor along the way!  Without humor, our days can be rather tough, don’t you think?

Meet Susan.  She’s a mother, daughter, friend to many, ovarian cancer survivor and fellow MSer!  Several years ago, I had the privilege to meet Susan through work with the MSLifeLines Ambassador Program. Every year we would meet in person at our Ambassador/Nurse Summit. The Summit typically concluded with an Ambassador Talent Show. Susan was always a contestant with her comedy act – never disappointing as she left the crowd of 100+ in stitches! Humor + MS = Comic Relief!!!

ahealthiermchigan.orgAlthough we both regrettably resigned from our ambassador roles, our bond and friendship remains! My amazing warrior continues to inspire and touch the lives of many with her humor and beautiful smile.  It is my hope that Laugh Fest records her performance…if so, you’ll know what I’ll be posting! 🙂

In the meantime, enjoy the terrific article below promoting Susan and Laugh Fest – Amateur Stand Up Showcase being held on Friday, March 13th, in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  If you live close by and are able to attend, you won’t be disappointed!  We certainly wished we lived closer.

Is it really a coincidence that special people come into our lives?  I don’t think so.  God always is hard at work orchestrating connections that will impact our lives.  Susan is one of His priceless vessels that I’m happy to call friend! Enjoy yourself GF as you bring down the house! Love and prayers being sent your way!

“Count Your Blessings”


  1. God really does bring special people into our lives…and at the right time, even if only for a ‘season’…. Diane

    • Amen to that Diane! 🙂

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