BFF’s Hit the Road

Beth MooreWhat happens when BFF’s hit the road for a weekend getaway? Plenty! Priceless time together, lots of laughter and meaningful conversations. We couldn’t wait to attend Living Proof Live with Beth Moore in Atlantic City, NJ.

If Beth Moore is unknown to you, let me take a moment to introduce one amazing woman! She is a wife, mother, speaker and author.  She’s a woman who uses her God-given gifts to teach thousands of women each year at Living Proof Live Conferences, as well as, her books, bible studies, television segments, radio and social media outlets.   I encourage you to visit her ministry at to learn more.  🙂

The car was packed, our tickets were in hand and we were off.  Our drive was a short commute to our humble abode for the weekend, Harrahs Hotel.  We arrived early, checked in and headed to the boardwalk for our first segment Friday evening. To say we were excited was an understatement.  We were like kids in a candy store, filled with anticipation, excitement and well, ready to enjoy the powerful teaching from Beth Moore.

Attendance was well-over 5,000 with 27 states represented!  Can you believe it? Truly speaks volumes for Beth Moore’s teaching – praising His name as she verbally glorifies Him throughout the conference!  Did I mention we were excited?  🙂

As we headed back to the hotel, we talked about the talented praise team and teaching that evening.  Beth challenged us to recognize any bondage we may be holding on to, release and turn it all over to Him and embrace His good will for us through her “five scenes” of teaching: Liberation, Destination, Conformation, Elevation and Determination.  Check out this video clip recap:

Morning greeted us with all its sunshine and glory.  Time to get a moving with an early start time, 8:30!  That meant a quick breakfast, check out and make our way over to the conference. Needless to say, traffic was horrendous!  Those who didn’t make it Friday were now present in full force!  BFF dropped us off and went to park the car.

BFFWhew!  We made it!  Just in time for the Praise Team!  We rushed through the beautiful, old wooden doors.  People were everywhere! Everywhere!  Giggling women everywhere! Just like us, they were excited for the day to begin!

Next up, Beth Moore. She’s a funny, passionate, God-loving, fashionista. She teaches with a tremendous love and knowledge of the Lord. This bible teacher has such a way to make you feel humbled, encouraged, challenged, convicted and overwhelmed at times. I think it’s good to experience these descriptives.  Growth becomes possible, doesn’t it?

As our wonderful conference was coming to an end, we began our journey home, talking about what “scene(s)” laid heavily on our hearts?  Our general consensus, a little from each.  Our definite take away gift from Beth Moore was a deeper knowledge of scripture, of Jesus and of ourselves.

What a great weekend and time spent with my treasured girls as we explored His word. Remembering we all have a God-given gift(s) and purpose(s) to impact the lives of others. Beth Moore continues to shine brightly with hers. How about you? What is your God-given gift and purpose?

“Count Your Blessings”


  1. How wonderful you are able to be there! Hope you go back home fueled with learning in your head and love in your heart!

    • 🙂 Thank you for your beautiful comment! Truly did. Look forward to attending again next year!

  2. Jill Wismer

    How did I miss this post to your blog??? So glad you sent it to me. “The Three Musketeers” lol! Such a great time whenever we all get together! Memories made and cherished for sure! Woofing down a protein shake then out the door to the YMCA, shower & then off to see my BFF! Can’t wait…treasures to be found & fun times with my girl! Woot woot! See you soon! Love, Jill

    Sent from my iPad


    • Was a lot of fun for sure! Thank you for a great visit today and venture searching at Liberty Thrift! 🙂 Keep up the great work at the YMCA! Proud of you!

  3. Catherine it sounds like you had an amazing weekend! 🙂 Hopefully lots of great memories to treasure. 🙂

    • Thank you! We sure did have an amazing weekend creating great memories while laughing all the way! 🙂 Enjoy your evening friend!

  4. It sounds like such a special time. I don’t often get that ‘girl’ time but usually once a year, maybe twice with a friend I used to work with, and we spend a few days together… girl talk and a lot of laughing about everything and nothing…. Diane

    • Precious time together for sure Diane! Funny how you don’t see each others for a while but once together, you instantly start your “girl talk” without skipping a beat! Friends, we just love them! Thank you for sharing! Catherine

  5. I can remember Cath the excitement on the weekend getaways, woman’s retreats and Church Camps that I have been on, some Ron and I catered for when we were younger and they were also fun.

    I enjoyed a few of Beth Moors Devotionals in her early Ministry and would like to see her focus now, it sounds good. Personally I seek and depend on Jesus our only Teacher to lead me into all understanding and Maturity, which the Scriptures confirm we are to do, it is not ego to Trust in Him, it is foolish not to. Yes we can rejoice when others share His Truth as His anointed Teachers and evangelists as Beth does in the role God has given her but we depend on the empowering of The Holy Spirit and Scripture for confirmation that it is God’s Truth that is shared, no matter how good it sounds. 1Corinthians2:9-16

    I was once told by the Minister and his wife of the Church I had been attending, at their Bible Study ,that my 7 Babies, 3 were still born and the others died at nearly 5 months gestation, had all gone to Hell because I wasn’t a Christian when they were conceived and later I was also told by this Minister that God did evil.

    I’m very thankful I knew the Scriptures to reject this Heresy and others that have been shared over the years including with Blogging but what if I had been a new Christian or someone who did not know the Scriptures, I would have been devastated, what would it have done to my Trust in God, would I have still seen Him as all Loving and Compassionate or a vengeful God who unjustly sends a Baby to suffer in Hell for Eternity because they can’t understand Salvation or for the sins of their Parents, including omission.

    Does God do evil, No He can’t, He is Love, His Justice is based on His never ending Love and Mercy, not on hate and fleshy revenge, this comes from Satan as he motivates Mankind to do and propagate evil.

    Christian Love Always in Christ Jesus – Anne

  6. So sorry to read of your loss, Anne, and the suffering you and your husband endured during this difficult time. So happy you had His word close to your heart to rebuke this evil. I was catholic all my life and didn’t know the word, let alone scripture. By his grace, I’ve been saved for over fourteen years. I have that personal relationship with God that I never knew. 🙂 I pray each and every day that the Lord prepares me for the day, put his shield of protection around me and to reveal what he would like for me to do…As we head out and about, no doubt Satan and evil is lurking. Mean, cruel people exist, we see it every day. All we can do is allow Him to shine brightly through us. Not always easy as you shared above. Without Him, it’s difficult to understand other’s actions for sure. He has it all figured out! 🙂

    I can say that I truly enjoy the fellowship of studying His word with dear friends. I’m rather picky about what I attend for bible study. It has to be biblically sound. Best part for me, is the time and conversations shared with my besties! I’m grateful for your blog and all you share. You’re a difference maker! Blessings Anne!

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