Kids, Kids, and More Kids!

That’s right! Kids, kids and more kids!  They come in many different ways – just like us and well, the energetic, very happy and playful four-legged variety, G.O.A.T.S !

I received a great gift from my BFF, goat milk soap.  Her church was running a fund-raiser to help ease the financial burden of a couple adopting a baby over seas.  Perfect reason to help and share.  Love this soap!

Time to meet the owners, The Jonas Family: Dad, Mom and eight hard-working children.  Their family-run soap business is Goat Milk Stuff, located in Scottsburg, Indiana.  If you live close by, a think a road trip may be in the plans.  If not, next best thing, their webpage:

One thing that’s very impressive was the ability for Dad and Mom to set priorities and examples for success in life: God, Family, Business. Take a look at their “very simple philosophy…”

  • Everything is a God issue and a learning opportunity (including making and selling goat milk soap).
  • Hard work builds character which is an essential ingredient to a successful life.
  • Each of our children are unique individuals with unique strengths and weaknesses and are raised as individuals.
  • The family unit is a team and we all are sometimes called to sacrifice for the team.

It’s so refreshing to see such a wonderful, God-loving family, being blessed with their passion to keep us sparkling clean while shining His light to their family and all who crossing their paths.

What’s on your priority and example list?  We all have that special gift waiting to be shared! 🙂

“Count Your Blessings”


  1. I’d say the Jonas family has their priorities straight. I think in this day of selfie/viral/trending everything that hard work is something a lot of people aren’t interested in and that’s too bad because life’s journey requires hard work. Goats are fun, we have three. And, pure goat soap is a wonderful product.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more about the priceless gift Mom and Dad are giving their children. Three goats of your own! 🙂 Growing up on a small farm, I was convinced our goats thought they were people! Do you make your own soap Judy?

      • Sorry to say we don’t. When they first came here, my daughter milked them for about a year and a half and her family enjoyed the fresh milk. Since then, they are more like farm pets with their individual personalities. 🙂

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